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Vegan for a Reason

We’re vegan shoe obsessed! 

We know how hard it can be to find vegan shoe options that are still affordable and stylish. Our Vegan collection has been extended to a large number of our products and features components free of any animal products or by-products, including the glue and outsole. We use man made materials and treatments to ensure that all components are animal free, while still maintaining the quality, look and feel of the product so that no detail is spared. Every shoe is this collection is officially registered with the Vegan Society.

As we work towards ensuring all of our products are vegan and registered, scroll through for some of our favorites from the current collection.





HARPER | @lanestyled











Let us know which style you would wear!

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4Earth: The Fall Edit

The 4Earth Fall Edit is here!

The 4Earth project strikes again! But this time it’s a fresh batch of product for the Fall/Winter season. Fun fact: all of these shoes have an upper partially composed of recycled plastic bottles. Win!

The 4Earth project is an ongoing commitment by Blowfish Malibu to take a step in the right direction. As a brand, we plan to make more conscious decisions that will ultimately make a positive impact on the environment. With our 4Earth project, we will continue to dive into the process of how we manufacture, market and design our product in the hopes that we can limit our footprint on the planet. Additionally, we are proud to announce that we have greatly reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging.

We acknowledge that an estimated 300 million pairs of shoes end up in a landfill every year and know we are part of that problem. Going forward, we are committed to doing our part in order to decrease our footprint on the environment.

Additionally, for every pair of shoes sold in the 4Earth project, $1 is donated to Oceana in an attempt to clean up the world’s oceans.

Curious about how our shoes are made with recycled plastic bottles? Take a look below at how we’re able to create the material used for the shoes in the 4Earth project:

Scroll through for a look at the styles we’re offering in the 4Earth project this season:


fall edit

fall edit


fall edit


fall edit

fall edit



fall edit

fall edit

So, what do you think about the fall edit? To learn more and explore our 4Earth project, head over to our website. Be sure to stay tuned for new and exciting updates in the near future!

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Blowfish Malibu Does National Coastal Cleanup Day

We’re taking to the beach for National Coastal Cleanup Day.

To celebrate September’s National Coastal Cleanup Day, Blowfish Malibu teamed up with The Surfrider Foundation and Athleta SoCal to help clean up the coasts. Over three days, we traveled to Encinitas, Seal Beach and Santa Monica to do our part to help the earth.

Before the three day event, we sent out an invitation asking the general public to join us. We are so thankful for the awesome volunteers that joined us. Over the course of the three days, more than 300 pounds of trash was collected off the beaches and correctly disposed of. (Enter happy dance!)

Shoutout to Zox and MegaFoods for contributing super cool giveaways for the helpers who gave their mornings to clean up the coasts!

4Earth by Blowfish Malibu is our ongoing commitment to take a step in the right direction. Did you know that 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu shoes feature an upper made of recycled plastic bottles? And for every pair sold, $1 is donated to Oceana to help clean up the world’s oceans.

Scroll through for a behind the scenes look from the three day experience. Can’t wait for the next one!


national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

national coastal cleanup day

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The 4Earth Spring Virtual Panel

Did you miss our 4Earth Spring Virtual Panel earlier this month? Don’t worry! Check it out below. 

On Thursday, April 8th 2021, we gathered for our second 4Earth Spring Virtual Panel. We focused on one extremely important topic: how is the retailer landscape evolving due to a more conscious consumer?

This panel discussion was a continuation from our past virtual event that took place in October 2020, and is in support of our 4Earth project. Our 4Earth project features shoe styles made with an upper composed of recycled plastic. Plus, for every pair sold, $1 is donated to Oceana to help clean up the world’s oceans.

If you missed the opportunity to tune in, no worries! You can catch the full discussion HERE.

Our panel was made up of some incredible speakers, including:

Becky Mendoza, Changing Tides Foundation

Karen Bueno, Blowfish Malibu

Alex Grand, Good Intent

Chanelle Sladics, Simply Straws

Shelbi O, Sustainability Vlogger

We would love to hear what you thought of the panel discussion! Find us on Facebook or Instagram. And for more stories, check out the Journal.

Green Team x New Year’s Resolutions

A new year calls for new resolutions! Here’s what Allie from the Blowfish Malibu Green Team has on her list for 2021.

We have to be realistic this year about what we can accomplish, especially in terms of New Year’s resolutions. We’re going through an emotional and unprecedented time, and it’s important to take a step back and really hone in on what we think we can realistically achieve. While many New Year’s resolutions of the past may have included things like “travel more” and “sign up for a gym membership,” 2020 has taught us that our resolutions should be a lot more realistic. This is why I’m continuing my focus on being a conscious consumer and doing my part in helping the environment.

When it comes to our Green Team, we had made a variety of changes in and to our office last year to ensure our entire team was working in a more eco-conscious way. But then came March 2020. Our entire team went full remote so it became important to adapt and make greener choices in our new work environment (aka home).

This year, as we continue to work from home, we are aiming to keep channeling the same “Green Team” attitude.

Here are some realistic resolutions I’ve made for 2021 in order to cut back on my own waste and to eliminate as much plastic as possible:

Use a reusable water bottle:

To say I’m obsessed with my Hydroflask is a massive understatement. I even gifted a couple of them to friends for the holidays! I upgraded my lid for one with a straw, so it’s fun (and easier!) to drink out of. It honestly feels like an adult sippy cup and I constantly find myself refilling it three times a day. Drinking more water AND cutting back on single-use plastic? A success!

Carry reusable straws with me

I try to avoid using straws as much as possible when I’m out and about, opting to drink straight from the cup. For Christmas, I was gifted these great reusable straw kits and I plan on sticking one in my purse so I’ll always have a straw on hand if needed!

Refill water jugs

I moved home during the pandemic, and one thing we’ve realized is we go through A LOT of water. I always have a water bottle by my side. To cope, my family got these large water jugs, which we refill with filtered water at a small, local grocery store whenever we run out. Not only are we refilling the same plastic jugs and cutting back on waste, but we’re also supporting a local business. A win/win!

A Brita filter is also a great idea, especially if you are living with a smaller household.

Stock up on Tupperware

With a family of four, there tends to be a lot of cooking – and a lot of leftovers. Enter Tupperware! We’ve upgraded most of ours to glass containers, so not only are they great for storing food, but they’re also easy to stick in the microwave and heat up once you’re ready to eat. We have them in all shapes and sizes, and honestly, leftovers always tend to make for the best lunch anyway.

Recycle Nespresso Pods

Most people are fully aware of Nespresso, but did you know they offer a recycling program for the pods you use? You can get these recycling bags through Nespresso and either drop them off at a Nespresso location or at the post office. For people who drink a ton of coffee (like my family), this is the perfect way to get a caffeine fix at home without doing harm. To learn more about the Nespresso recycling program, check it out HERE.

What sort of steps are you trying to take from home to live a greener life in 2021? We’d love to hear!

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The 4Earth Virtual Panel Discussion

On October 15th, we hosted our first-ever virtual panel discussion event in order to celebrate the launch of our Fall product for the Blowfish Malibu 4Earth collection!

Our incredible panel of speakers featured:

Marcy Cail, Women’s Shoe Designer, Blowfish Malibu

Nancy Downes, Campaign Organizer, Oceana

Lauren Ferree, Environmentalist and Video Producer

Aditi Mayer, Photojournalist, Sustainable Fashion Blogger, and Labor Rights Activist

If you were unable to tune in on the day of the event, no worries! You’re still able to log in and watch a recording of the discussion. Feel free to tune in and enjoy a great discussion about greener living, as well as what we can all do in order to make more planet-friendly choices during current the era of COVID.

Want to score a free pair of shoes from the 4Earth collection? Just post on your social channels showing us how you are eliminating single-use plastic from your life for 7 days, and be sure to use the hashtag #4Earth4Life.

Once your post is live, be sure to email a screenshot to!

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Hot Weather, Hot Style

You know what they say… hot weather, hot style. (Ok, maybe we say that.) 

It’s official. Our favorite season is just around the corner and we 👏 can’t 👏 wait. That said, it’s time to stock up on some fresh summer sandals, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hot weather picks for you.

Scroll through for some of our fave sandal styles from the Spring/Summer 2020 line:

hot weather

Balla-D, an adorable cutout sandal.


hot weather

Miri, a must-have jute slide, inspired by your favorite espadrilles.


Lover Rope, one of our favorite platforms with an espadrille twist.  Perfect for hot weather. 


hot weather

LeeLee, a spectacularly comfortable mid-height wedge.


hot weather

Leigh is our newest obsession, an adorable jute-wrapped slide. We’ll be wearing Leigh all summer. 


Tanna, a chunky espadrille wedge to help you reach new heights this season!


hot weather

Goya, one of our favorite vegan styles.


hot weather

Boss, a sporty, lightweight sandal that you can wear all day long. Even in scorching temps. 


hot weather

Granola Rope, our iconic summer sandal, with a fresh update for the season.


Blumoon, a canvas sandal that goes with everything in your closet.


Hapuku and Helm, two of our best-selling wedge styles each season.


hot weather

Besille, a cute woven style that updates every look.


We’d love to see how you’re rocking your hot weather style so tag us @blowfishmalibu for a chance to be featured!

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Spring Roundup: Top Vegan Shoe Picks

Want to see our top vegan shoe picks just in time for spring? Read on.

Going vegan has never been easier since we launched our Spring and Summer 2020 Vegan Collection. If you ask me, each collection keeps getting cuter! So we rounded up our favorite vegan shoe picks just for you – and just in time for warm weather. Scroll through to check them out.


Ensure your spring look is California-cool with Makara from Blowfish Malibu. This platform sandal features a faux stacked sole with a molded footbed and faux leather upper. Even the details are cute – like the dented studs, branded buckle, and O-ring detail.

Shop Makara HERE


Slide into Blowfish Malibu’s Marley. This sneaker features a canvas upper with elastic on the vamp for easy off/on. Marley also features an upper with distressed edges and contrast stitching. Pair these with your favorite denim shorts and casual-cool top and you’re good to go!

Shop Marley HERE!

Granola Rope

Our most-popular sandal just got better! Granola Rope is Blowfish Malibu’s classic Granola sandal with an espadrille wrapped outsole. Granola Rope also features added comfort with its faux-cork cushioned insole. Trust us, you will be wearing this vegan sandal all spring and summer.

Shop Granola Rope HERE


Warm weather calls for mules so let Leigh be the one you turn to time and time again. Featuring a faux leather upper and a cushioned insole, Leigh channels an espadrille with rope detailing on the wedge. This cutie will get you through the entire spring and summer seasons, plus they will go with everything in your wardrobe. Added bonus? This style is registered Vegan by the Vegan Society!

Shop Leigh HERE

P.S. I love these so much that I just bought a pair while writing this article!


Transitioning into a new season doesn’t need to be difficult, thanks to the Hapuku wedge from Blowfish Malibu. This lightweight wedge features a faux-leather upper, cushioned insole, and faux cork sole.

Shop Hapuku HERE!


Pair Tanna with your dresses this spring for a look that is effortlessly Californian. This platform sandal features a faux stacked sole with a molded footbed and faux leather upper. Don’t overlook the details – the side zipper closure for easy on/off, the branded hardware, and rope detailing around the outsole add to the cuteness.

Shop Tanna HERE!

Which is your favorite from our SS20 Vegan Collection? Show us how you rock your Blowfish Malibu shoes for a chance to be featured @BlowfishMalibu!

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Vegan Styles

It’s all about our vegan styles in this holiday gift guide.

We’re making a list and checking it twice for all of our vegan shoe styles! A holiday gift list, that is. We are obsessed with our current Fall and Winter collection and think they would make the perfect holiday gift. Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom on the go, best friend in the city, or your adventurous sister, we have you covered. So below are the styles I recommend for all of your fashionable friends and family this holiday season.


We love a good wedge for the holidays! Introducing Berkeley, by Blowfish Malibu, a super functional wedged ankle bootie. The Berkeley bootie is perfect for the city girl in your life and features a walkable wedge heel, zipper detailing, and a rouched upper. Clearly, she is going to love these booties because they will pair with everything in her closet. From dinner downtown to running errands on the westside, the Berkeley bootie is the ultimate stylish shoe for every day.



Freshly picked for autumn is Fruit by Blowfish Malibu, the perfect gift for the girl on the go. This low-rise sneaker features a pre-distressed upper with topstitching, terry cloth lining, slip-on entry, decorative laces, and a decorative zipper. Plus, Fruit offers an ultra-comfortable super foam insole. She can pair these cuties with a denim jacket and leisure pants for a laidback California look.



We love a comfortable heeled boot and Lama may be our new favorite! (And we may want a pair for ourselves this holiday!) If you are searching for a gift for a practical yet fashionable gal, look no further. Featuring a faux leather-wrapped stack heel, a memory foam insole, and braided detailing, Lama is a style that will go with everything in her winter wardrobe. This is a boot that will bring her style to new heights and allows her to embrace the comfort she craves when she’s on her feet all day. Furthermore, she can pair these booties with skinny jeans and an oversized jumper for that classic California girl look.


Searching for a gift for the fun girl in your life? She can be ultra playful this winter in Blowfish Malibu’s hottest sneaker, Play. This style is inspired by effortless California vibes and features a pre-distressed, unlaced look with an elastic inside for easy on and off. In addition, everyone will be able to spot that these are Blowfish Malibu by our signature branded eyelets. The Play sneaker is perfect for all of her casual fall and winter looks.



Inspired by the winter loving California girl, Blowfish Malibu’s Radiki SHR is a comfortable and cool new boot. A perfect gift for the adventurous gal in your life, this lug sole boot features decorative faux leather straps with buckles, and branded buttons. And an added bonus? The inside lining is covered with a super cozy faux shearling! So she can fold down the top of the boot to show off this great design feature, or wear all the way up for added warmth. She can wear them with her favorite leggings and hoodie for an effortless, on-trend look this winter.



Blowfish Malibu’s Violah silhouette is a deconstructed bootie designed to be very soft and to have a very relaxed, California vibe. Featuring a stacked leather wrapped block heel and an inside zipper for easy on/easy off, Violah is an carefree style that will add a relaxed cool-girl vibe to any ensemble this winter. So surprise her with these cool-girl boots!


We’d love to see you and your favorite Blowfish Malibu vegan shoes! So make sure to tag us for a chance to be featured @blowfishmalibu.

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Behind the Scenes: Fall Vegan Launch Party

Our Fall vegan collection is live!

We are so excited to announce that we launched our Fall vegan collection last week! We are proud to say that this entire collection is officially registered as vegan with The Vegan Society. So, in quintessential Blowfish Malibu fashion, we invited a few of our favorite LA friends for a night of celebrating the line. Our guests enjoyed yummy vegan bites by Dish Catering LA and drinks by Big Tony Bartending. Plus, the uber stylish crowd took home with them a pair of new fall vegan shoes. (Lucky!)

We would like to say a thousand thank you’s to our incredible sponsors, including The Bouqs, VitaCoco and Zoapscentz. Not only did you help us bring this event to life, but you also brought it to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about which of our Fall products are registered as vegan, you can learn more HERE. 

Scroll through below for some great behind the scenes photos from the event!

And don’t forget to check out the new vegan collection!

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

fall vegan collection

Are you excited about our new vegan collection? We’d love to see how you are styling them, so tag us @blowfishmalibu on Instagram!

Photography by Ken Soleta.

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