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In the Press: US Weekly ‘Survive Any Weather’

US Weekly just featured Blowfish Malibu in their magazine!

One of our favorite boots, the BALDWIN, just got some major love from US Weekly! BALDWIN has quickly become a favorite in the office. Not only is it being recoginized for its durability, it is also comfortable, chic, and goes with everything. (We’re not kidding!)

Check out this great article from US Weekly about how the BALDWIN will become your durable go-to boot for the season.

So, my friends, shop the BALDWIN via Zappos HERE.

US Weekly

Did you also see the feature in US Weekly? Let us know about it!

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In The Press: US Weekly ‘Fan Favorite Sandal’

The Granola-B sandal is one of those cult favorite shoes that, once a woman wears it, she can never go back. We’ve had this style circulating season after season, and it’s done for a reason. People can’t get enough of it!

That’s why when US Weekly featured us as a top everyday essential for the summer, we weren’t surprised. It’s a sandal that is seriously that good. And goes with everything and anything in your closet. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself!

Shop the Granola-B in all its colorways via Amazon. 

Read the full article on US Weekly HERE.

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