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10 Tips to Help You Live a Greener Life

10 tips on living a greener life!

We all want to live greener lives, but let’s face it, it’s so hard to start! Personally, I find it easier to take one step at a time by implementing something small and growing it over time. Everyone has their own pace, and that’s ok! But it’s important to start today so we can see the impact tomorrow.

Since working on the 4Earth collection, I have been taking small steps to make my life greener. I have also taken the #4Earth4Life challenge, where we challenged our community to avoid plastic for one week (check it out here!).

Today I’m sharing 10 tips that you can implement in your day-to-day to help live a greener life. Read on!

1. Use less paper

This one is a biggie for me as I love using paper towels to clean, especially in the kitchen. Recently, I have set aside hand drying rags – and cleaning rags – so that I do not have to grab a paper napkin every time.

2. Ride green

Living in Los Angeles, it is very hard to survive without a car. I purchased a bike recently and this has helped me get around in my neighborhood! Taking the bus is also a great alternative. (But make sure you wear your mask and bring hand sanitizer.)

3. Reuse and Recycle

Whenever possible, choose a reusable option! Personally, my all-time fave is reusable sandwich bags. These have been a game-changer! Do some research and find more reusable options going forward. When possible, also choose to recycle instead of throwing away.

4. Save Water

The average American family typically uses over 300 gallons of water every day, according to the EPA. This one is hard, but I have been more conscious of the time it takes to clean my dishes or take a shower in order to help out the planet. It is important for us to conserve water as much as we can.

5. Share with friends

Sharing with friends is a fun and easy way to save the planet. Buying less, in general, can help reduce waste so try sharing outfits, books, even household items whenever possible!

6. Avoid water bottles and plastic bags

This is a biggie for most people, but avoid plastic water bottles and bags! It can be so easy to grab a plastic water bottle before the gym or choose plastic bags at the grocery stores, but these items cause more harm than good. Be mindful before choosing plastic.

7. Go paperless

You might sit on hold with customer service for a while in order to make all of your bills paperless, but hey – it’s worth it! Many companies even offer a paperless option online. Take the time to go through your mail and see where you can go paperless.

8. Buy in Bulk

Go big or go home! Avoid products that are packed for single use. Try buying in bulk to reduce harmful waste.

9. Avoid Creating Trash

You wouldn’t believe the number of useless items I have collected over time! When possible, avoid creating trash by refusing things you do not need. Say no to utensils for take-out. Eat your ice cream out of a cone instead of a cup. Buy items with little or no packaging. Every little bit of trash avoided does make a difference.

10. Repurpose household items

This is a fun one! I have been playing a game where I repurpose one thing a day that I would usually throw away. The other day, I planted some seeds in an egg carton. Today, I repurposed my favorite candle by adding more wax and new wicks. Be resourceful!

How do you live a greener life?  Take the #4Earth4Life challenge and tag us for a chance to be featured @BlowfishMalibu! 

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