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Green Team x New Year’s Resolutions

A new year calls for new resolutions! Here’s what Allie from the Blowfish Malibu Green Team has on her list for 2021.

We have to be realistic this year about what we can accomplish, especially in terms of New Year’s resolutions. We’re going through an emotional and unprecedented time, and it’s important to take a step back and really hone in on what we think we can realistically achieve. While many New Year’s resolutions of the past may have included things like “travel more” and “sign up for a gym membership,” 2020 has taught us that our resolutions should be a lot more realistic. This is why I’m continuing my focus on being a conscious consumer and doing my part in helping the environment.

When it comes to our Green Team, we had made a variety of changes in and to our office last year to ensure our entire team was working in a more eco-conscious way. But then came March 2020. Our entire team went full remote so it became important to adapt and make greener choices in our new work environment (aka home).

This year, as we continue to work from home, we are aiming to keep channeling the same “Green Team” attitude.

Here are some realistic resolutions I’ve made for 2021 in order to cut back on my own waste and to eliminate as much plastic as possible:

Use a reusable water bottle:

To say I’m obsessed with my Hydroflask is a massive understatement. I even gifted a couple of them to friends for the holidays! I upgraded my lid for one with a straw, so it’s fun (and easier!) to drink out of. It honestly feels like an adult sippy cup and I constantly find myself refilling it three times a day. Drinking more water AND cutting back on single-use plastic? A success!

Carry reusable straws with me

I try to avoid using straws as much as possible when I’m out and about, opting to drink straight from the cup. For Christmas, I was gifted these great reusable straw kits and I plan on sticking one in my purse so I’ll always have a straw on hand if needed!

Refill water jugs

I moved home during the pandemic, and one thing we’ve realized is we go through A LOT of water. I always have a water bottle by my side. To cope, my family got these large water jugs, which we refill with filtered water at a small, local grocery store whenever we run out. Not only are we refilling the same plastic jugs and cutting back on waste, but we’re also supporting a local business. A win/win!

A Brita filter is also a great idea, especially if you are living with a smaller household.

Stock up on Tupperware

With a family of four, there tends to be a lot of cooking – and a lot of leftovers. Enter Tupperware! We’ve upgraded most of ours to glass containers, so not only are they great for storing food, but they’re also easy to stick in the microwave and heat up once you’re ready to eat. We have them in all shapes and sizes, and honestly, leftovers always tend to make for the best lunch anyway.

Recycle Nespresso Pods

Most people are fully aware of Nespresso, but did you know they offer a recycling program for the pods you use? You can get these recycling bags through Nespresso and either drop them off at a Nespresso location or at the post office. For people who drink a ton of coffee (like my family), this is the perfect way to get a caffeine fix at home without doing harm. To learn more about the Nespresso recycling program, check it out HERE.

What sort of steps are you trying to take from home to live a greener life in 2021? We’d love to hear!

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