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BTS: Surfrider LA Beach Cleanup

If there’s one thing we love more than shoes, it’s hosting community events! This month we headed over to Santa Monica and teamed up with the Surfrider LA Foundation on Saturday, 11/5, to clean up the beach. We set up our tents and had volunteers learn more about our collection that features shoe uppers made of recycled materials and BLOOM pellets in our insoles. Surfrider LA provided volunteers and any curious people passing by with more information on how these beach cleanups work and the importance of the data they collect. Overall, the beach cleanup was a success and volunteers went home with a new pair of shoes and some goodies in a gift tote.

A huge thanks to all of the volunteers who came out and to our sponsors: @babiators@tubbytodd@drinklmnt@simplystraws and @drinkhydrant!


Check out our favorite pics from the event below:



We love hosting this event!

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5 Ways to go Green at your Office

Go Green at work – it has never been easier!

With all the various eco-friendly ways to shop and live our lives, going green at work has never been easier! But if you need a nudge on how to get started, read on. Below is a list of 5 ways we have been making an effort to GO GREEN at Blowfish Malibu.

1. Start a Green Team

Start up an office Green Team! A Green Team is an organized group of people who work together to make their environment more sustainable. They can help make the office eco-friendly by incorporating policies that will improve the carbon footprint of the company.

Check out what the Blowfish Malibu Green Team is doing HERE!

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Another great way to go green is by reducing office buying, reusing current resources and recycling what has already been used. Here is an example of how to use reduce, reuse, recycle office paper: Reduce office paper use by going paperless. Reuse office paper use by printing double-sided or repurposing the blank pages for notes. Recycle all paper in the appropriate recycle bin once the sheet is no longer needed.

3. Maximize natural light

By maximizing natural light, you keep the office lights off and reduce the amount of energy spent at your workplace. Keep those shades up and those switches off to be efficient with the natural light.

4. Opt for better office products

Speak to your office manager about using eco-friendly products for office supplies. Most of the time, your office manager has an easy way of buying the eco-friendly version of a product, but doesn’t realize it is available.

5. Invest in Tupperware

Instead of using paper or plastic waste for storing your lunch, try using tupperware! This is an easy (and cost efficient) way to bring your lunch to work!

We would love to see how you are going green at work! So, tag us in a post for a chance to be featured on the Blowfish Malibu Instagram and check out more stories on the Journal.