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End of Summer Influencer Round Up

From sandals to colorful sneakers, summer styles will always have a special place in our hearts. With one week left of summer, we pulled together our favorite influencer content to help wrap up the season.

While we’re excited for all the fall content coming your way, scroll through for the best summer content that’ll make you wish summer stayed a little longer.











Which pair was your favorite this summer?

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May Influencer Round Up

The weather is warming up and the spring styles are coming out!

We’ve been loving all of the spring weather outfits across our feed so we rounded out our favorite OOTD’s from month. Check out how the fashion girlies are styling our favorite shoes of the season.

Which is your fave?

@gabschavs in Vex


@biancadaliana in Rori


@kaydee.oldham in Tia


@marissad606 in Mamba


@alliwears in Play

Which pair would be your pick to rock this month? How would you wear it?

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January Influencer Round Up

January brought chilly weather but hot outfits. 

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the home stretch of January (wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?!). But here we are.

January brings with it a whole bunch of changes: life after the holiday season, getting used to a new year, dealing with dark and gloomy weather, and so much more. But what does it also bring? A fresh batch of content and outfit inspiration to keep us going.

We’ve been loooving how the gals on social media rock our shoes. So we wanted to share some of our favorite ‘fit pics from the month.

Which is your fave?


@korimallett in the REILLY boot



@potassium.ayla in the COMET boot


@missalissa in the CAITLYNN boot


@grace.culwell in the URO SHR



@helloelisez in the REDSEN boot



@a.hartzler in the MARLEY sneaker

Which pair would be your pick to rock this month? How would you wear it?

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Our Holiday Picks for Your Little One

Is your little one on the nice list? 

YES – she is most certainly on the Nice List this holiday season! Because she’s been so good this year, she deserves some super cute new shoes for the holidays! So, here are our holiday picks! The Blowfish Malibu team took some time to choose their favorite kids shoes that would make the perfect gift. These shoes are sure to keep her looking cool and stylish when stepping into the new year.

Scroll through for some gift giving inspiration:

Rya B-K and Rya B-T

holiday picks

Your little one will be a total rock star the Rya-B-T and Ryan B-K. The Rya B-K and Rya B-T are ankle boots that feature star shaped eyelets, decorative laces and strap, buckle and zipper detailing. The cushioned footbed allows for all day comfort and the inside zipper allows for easy on/off.

Shop Rya-K HERE

Play-K and Play-T

holiday picks

The Play-T and Play-K sneakers feature a cushioned footbed and a pre-distressed, unlaced look with elastic inside to keep ’em on and take ’em off easily. Everyone will be able to spot that these are Blowfish Malibu with our signature branded eyelets!

Shop Play-K HERE


Help your little one rock some serious style and comfort this season with Chomper-K from Blowfish Malibu. This lace-up bootie features an extra soft knit cuff, rubber traction outsole and decorative dented buttons for that Blowfish Malibu touch.

Shop Chomper-K HERE

Mint-K and Mint-T

holiday picks

Mint-K and Mint-T feature a pre-distressed upper, combined with some perfectly placed fur-inspired detail. Combined with a strap detail across the vamp and distressed hardware, this sneaker is ideal to be worn with favorite jeans and a hoodie to keep your little one cozy and warm through the colder days this season.

Shop Mint-K HERE


Which are your favorite holiday picks?

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Our Holiday Picks for Her

Blowfish Malibu team members share their holiday picks.

Our Marketing team is constantly surrounded by shoes day to day, so there’s no surprise that we each have our favorite MUST-HAVES each season. We asked everyone on the team what shoes they’d gift to their family and friends this season and boy, did they deliver.

Scroll through for some gift giving inspiration this holiday season!

Karen: The Reilly

Shop The Reilly HERE. 

Nikol: The Venom-C

Shop the Venom-C HERE. 

Carin: The Redsen

Shop The Redsen HERE. 

Allie: The Herstory

Shop The Herstory HERE. 

Minjung: The Comet

Shop the Comet HERE. 

Leah: The Lassoh

Shop The Lassoh HERE. 

Which are your favorite holiday picks?

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Dressy Boots for the Season

It’s beginning to feel a lot like… dressy boots season!

Holiday parties are clearly in the air right now! Is it just us or does it feel like a party is scheduled every weekend throughout the entire month of December? (But, hey, we’re not complaining!)  So, whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, your office, or with your favorite furry friends, we have the perfect dressy boots for all your holiday ‘fits. Our boots are comfy, cute and perfectly on trend. (And it’s very likely you’ll be best dressed at whichever party you’re attending.)

So, scroll through for some of our top dressy boot picks for this holiday season!

The Lassoh

dressy boots

dressy boots

The Berkeley

dressy boots

The Liva

dressy boots

The Venom-C

dressy boots

The Redsen

dressy boots

The Berrey

dressy boots

So, which pair of dressy boots would you wear to your holiday parties this season? And if you wind up wearing Blowfish Malibu to a holiday event, be sure to tag us – we’d love to see your outfits!

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5 Ways to go Green at your Office

Go Green at work – it has never been easier!

With all the various eco-conscious ways to shop and live our lives, going green at work has never been easier! But if you need a nudge on how to get started, read on. Below is a list of 5 ways we have been making an effort to GO GREEN at Blowfish Malibu.

1. Start a Green Team

Start up an office Green Team! A Green Team is an organized group of people who work together to make their environment more sustainable. They can help make the office eco-conscious by incorporating policies that will improve the carbon footprint of the company.

Check out what the Blowfish Malibu Green Team is doing HERE!

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Another great way to go green is by reducing office buying, reusing current resources and recycling what has already been used. Here is an example of how to use reduce, reuse, recycle office paper: Reduce office paper use by going paperless. Reuse office paper use by printing double-sided or repurposing the blank pages for notes. Recycle all paper in the appropriate recycle bin once the sheet is no longer needed.

3. Maximize natural light

By maximizing natural light, you keep the office lights off and reduce the amount of energy spent at your workplace. Keep those shades up and those switches off to be efficient with the natural light.

4. Opt for better office products

Speak to your office manager about using eco-conscious products for office supplies. Most of the time, your office manager has an easy way of buying the eco-conscious version of a product, but doesn’t realize it is available.

5. Invest in Tupperware

Instead of using paper or plastic waste for storing your lunch, try using tupperware! This is an easy (and cost efficient) way to bring your lunch to work!

We would love to see how you are going green at work! So, tag us in a post for a chance to be featured on the Blowfish Malibu Instagram and check out more stories on the Journal.


Summer Style Inspo: June Influencer Roundup

We take a look back at June in this edition of Influencer Roundup. 

Summer is finally here and we are CELEBRATING. And sweating. Sweating a lot. But that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, with the weather heating up, we were in need of some major style inspo. So we mailed out some of our favorite summer styles to some amazingggg content creators from across the country. We loved seeing our shoes and sandals styled up in cute summer sun dresses and styled down in denim and tees.

Scroll through for some major summer style inspo in this Influencer Roundup. And let us know which look you’d rock the most!

@sabrinaisher in the BUNGALOW


influencer roundup

@demechanei in the LEELEE


influencer roundup

@overfiftyfashion in the GENNAH ROPE


influencer roundup

@_midwest_mama_ in the MADDOX


influencer roundup

@victoria_magrini in the LEELEE


influencer roundup

@leeebean in the GENNAH ROPE


@catherineaujong in the MADDOX


@mindfulie in the LEELEE


The GENNAH ROPE shot by @gall_adventures


influencer roundup

@withsparkle_ in the RYLIM


@palavdesai in the LEELEE


@katelynsroom in the MADDOX

Which style is your favorite for the season? How would you style them? We’d love to know.

To keep an eye on cute styles coming out this season, follow us on Instagram and check out more stories on the Journal.

Summer Sandal Faves

Take a peek at our summer sandal faves. 

‘Tis the season… for sandals! Summer is easily our favorite season of the year, so we’ve put together a quick roundup of some of our top picks for all of your warm weather looks. From printed and strappy to braided and wedge, Blowfish Malibu has exactly what you need for summer.

Which pair would you rock?


summer sandal


summer sandal


summer sandal


summer sandal



summer sandal




summer sandal






summer sandal




summer sandal


What are your thoughts on these summer sandal faves? Which pair do you need in your closet ASAP?

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Seeing Spots: The Pixi Leopard Print

All eyes on the Pixi Leopard print.

Okay, we admit it – we’re obsessed with all things SPOTTED. In this case, specifically our Pixi Leopard print, which found its way onto a large number of our favorite sandals this season.

There’s just something about leopard. Over the last few years, leopard print has gone from a trend to print that is here to stay. It’s quickly becoming a popular go-to neutral print, and we’ll honestly never be able to get over how effortless it looks with jeans and tee. It’s a print that screams rock n roll, glamour, and edge – all wrapped up in one confident, fun package. What’s not to love about this versatile print?

Scroll through for some seriously cute sandals, in the seriously cute Pixi Leopard print. You’ll probablyyyyy need these your feet ASAP:


pixie leopard print


pixie leopard print


pixie leopard print


pixie leopard print



What are your thoughts on leopard print? How do you love wearing this versatile, iconic print? Show us how you’re rocking the print by tagging us on Instagram!

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