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Sneak Peek: 4Earth SS22 Photoshoot

Take a sneak peek behind our recent SS22 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu Photoshoot.

It goes without saying that no matter how many shoots we attend, we can’t help but capture behind the scenes moments every time. Our Spring 2022 shoot for 4Earth was no different and we’re so excited to share the process with you!

The 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu project features styles made with an upper composed of recycled plastic! Plus, $1 for every pair sold is donated to Oceana, a non-profit dedicated to cleaning up the world’s oceans. Not only will these styles add to your effortlessly cool outfits, but you’ll also feel good about supporting a non-profit devoted to helping our earth. This is just the beginning for us! And we hope to introduce other ways we can help the planet by producing and creating shoes you all love!

You can learn more about the 4Earth project HERE.  And in the meantime, take a sneak peek at the behind the scenes images below.

Check it out!

Lauren, our photographer, capturing the perfect shot!

Ken, our videographer, getting some behind-the-scenes footage!

Isn’t this scene so cute?!

Don’t let Karen, our VP of Marketing, fall!!


So, you’re interested in seeing more of the 4Earth by Blowfish Malibu collection, huh? Click here.

And let us know what your fave is for the season!

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Go Behind the Scenes of our Fall/Winter 2019 Photoshoot

Step behind the scenes of our Fall/Winter photoshoot.

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again: campaign photoshoot time! We spent multiple days this past week collecting all of our top styles for Fall/Winter 2019 and shooting them in a new location for the brand: Downtown LA. We’re so excited about this new direction! The new collection of shoes is edgier and more fashion-forward than it’s ever been before, and we knew we needed a location to really embody that.

Enter the city skyline of Downtown LA. The LA girl is just as much a city girl as she is a beach girl, and we loved being able to capture this new side of Southern California. We worked with a variety of gorgeous models inclusive of all shapes and sizes (as well as some super cute kiddos) to help represent this new collection. Photoshoots are always incredibly difficult, both physically and mentally, but we’re always so happy with the end result. Shoutout to Matrimony Media and the other members of the team for really capturing the new direction!

We can’t wait to share the finished photos with you all once Fall rolls around! Scroll through the photos below for some BTS sneak peeks, and keep an eye out for upcoming products that we are SO excited for.


Check out our Instagram for more in-depth BTS content!

So, are you just as excited for Fall as we are?

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