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I Took the 4Earth Challenge and Here’s How I Did

It may have been hard, but the 4Earth Challenge is totally worth it. 

Blowfish Malibu launched the 4Earth collection this month, which was a super proud moment for the team. We took some of our most iconic styles and updated them with one major change: we made the upper out of recycled plastic bottles. We wanted to move the brand in the right direction and start making conscious decisions!

With that being said, we partnered up with Oceana, a non-profit organization that works to make the oceans as healthy as they once were. For 2020, Oceana wanted to focus on the issue of single-use plastic.

This led us to our #4Earth4Life challenge. We wanted to see if we could eliminate single-use plastic for one week, and hopefully cut back on waste in general. Plus, we challenged our community to do the same! It was a goal of ours to educate our family and friends in hopes that they would join us.

So, here’s how I did with the 4Earth Challenge:

I rid the whole house of single-use plastic bottles, such as water bottles, and have been steadily using reusable jugs.

I’ve invested in some produce bags to eliminate the single-use plastic bags from the grocery stores.

4Earth Challenge

I’ve been using reusable bottles day to day, especially on work trips or long photoshoot days, for example!

Other steps have included using reusable bags at the market or choosing glassware over plastic. And I’ve been taking my reusable straw everywhere!

This challenge wasn’t easy – big changes never are. We’d love to see how you do! Learn more about the challenge here, and don’t forget to tag #4Earth4Life.

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