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48 Hours in the Vex Sneaker

We put the new Vex sneaker to the ultimate test. 

Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that you just never wanted to take off? So much so that you refused any other shoe in your closet? I remember when I was young, my little sister was obsessed with her cowboy boots. She had a pair of white, calf-high boots with pink fringe. They had a little heel and silver buckles. She wore them incessantly. The only time she ever took them off was for soccer practice. She would wear them to the field (picture her in her soccer shorts and jersey) before changing into her cleats. And when soccer practice was finished, she would immediately throw her boots back on. Now, that is love!

I’m looking for that type of unconditional love. I’m searching for a shoe that is durable, comfortable, stylish, and that I can wear nonstop.

The new Vex sneaker is just what I’m looking for.

I put Vex to the test and wore the sneaker from 9am – 9pm for two days. Learn about my findings below!


The first thing I look for in a shoe is comfortability. I want to make sure I am comfy and that the shoe is easeful. Vex’s appeal is in its comfort. This ultra-lightweight sneaker features a canvas upper with elastic on the vamp so putting the shoe on and taking it off is super easy. It’s light weight so the shoe easily bends and moves with your foot, and I have to say it felt really nice! I wore them with and without socks and not once did I get a blister.


These cuties are light weight but they pack a punch! I took mine out for a spin (hike) at Griffith Park, and though they did get a little dusty, they stayed strong and supportive. However, if you need extra support for your arches, I recommend getting inserts.


I absolutely love the look of the newest silhouette from Blowfish Malibu. Vex features an upper with distressed edges and contrast stitching for a subtle pop. This sneaker goes with everything which made getting dressed each morning a breeze. On day one, I paired them with a mini sundress and denim jacket for a California-cool look. And on the next day I wore them with ankle tapered jeans and a mens white button-down long sleeve shirt. I felt totally put together and polished, yet casual and laid back.

So, it’s official. These sneakers go with everything and are super comfortable. I absolutely adore the new Vex sneakers and think I just may have found the love I was looking for.

What do you think about the new Vex sneakers? Let us know!

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