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Ahoy! Sailing with the Blowfish Malibu Team

Last Friday, the Blowfish Malibu team ditched work early for an afternoon sailing the Pacific Ocean. 

Can we all agree that Fridays are the highlight of the week? (Anyone else’s motto TGIF?) And why not? Come Friday, the long work week is finally winding down, and the highly anticipated weekend is knocking on your door. When the clock strikes 6:00pm on Friday evening, you can usually find the Blowfish Malibu team all over Los Angeles, participating in various social activities. The TGIF mentality was no different last Friday but on this particular day, we all left the office early to spend the afternoon together… sailing the Pacific Ocean!

Our entire Blowfish Malibu team headed out to Marina Del Rey, where our President, Don Weiss (read our interview with him here!) hosted us on his sailboat. Don’s boat is the most magical sailboat most of us have ever set our eyes (or feet) on. After a quick lunch of delicious Bay Cities Sandwiches (the Caprese sandwich is to die for!), and as much ice cold Rosé and Coronas as our heart’s desired, we climbed aboard and set off on a short cruise up the coast.

We made ourselves at home and settled in for a few hours of food, music, fun and socializing on the ocean.

Our laceless Blowfish Malibu ‘Aussie’ sneakers were the perfect choice to wear on board. They are easy slip on and off, and have a light sole so we didn’t risk leaving any scuff marks on the boat’s deck.

If you’ve never sailed up the Southern California coastline, this is an adventure we here at Blowfish Malibu highly recommend. Not only were we incredibly lucky with the  weather (which was perfect), we were lucky enough to see more dolphins than we could count! We had fun pointing out our favorite places along the coastline like the Santa Monica Pier, various points in Malibu, and LAX. It was incredible and inspiring to see the city from a different vantage point.

Our favorite part of our ocean afternoon adventure? Getting to lay out on the cushions on the bow of the boat, chatting with each other and enjoying the afternoon sunshine and sea breeze.

Ultimately, we all know it’s important to work hard throughout the week. But it’s also super important to take the time to enjoy our surroundings and take in the beauty of Southern California. After all, we live in one seriously beautiful place and it would be shame to waste such incredible days inside. Especially on Fridays!


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