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How to Wear our Spring Sandals

Spring sandals for the win. 

Springtime is here! …and, if you couldn’t tell, we’re very excited about it. There’s nothing we love more than warm weather, especially when that means we can dust off our spring wardrobe and stock up on some fresh sandals for the season.

We sent out some of our favorite spring sandals to some lovely ladies to shoot, and we are (very much) obsessed with how they styled them for spring. We love all of the casual, California-cool looks styled with our Blowfish Malibu shapes, prints, metallics and all-time strappy faves. But we’re warning you… you may very well want every single pair on this list after reading!

Check them out!

@biancafortney in the FOXTAIL ROPE


@thedressychick in LEIGH


@whatkaliwears in the BLUMOON


@michelle_tomczak in the GRANOLA ROPE


@amoremeghan in the LEIGH


@chaneyajoyner in the FOXTAIL ROPE


spring sandals

@vanessa__steinebach in the BLUMOON


spring sandals

@caseyprehotsky in the FOXTAIL ROPE


spring sandals

@ankitajain171 in the LEIGH


spring sandals

@adellenoorda in the GRANOLA ROPE


spring sandals

@livinglifewithbellarose in the LEIGH

We’d love to hear about which pair you’d love to rock this season!

To keep an eye on all the cute styles coming out this season, follow us on Instagram and check out more stories on the Journal.