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Girls Night Out with Blowfish Malibu

Girls night out = best night out. 

This year, we celebrated International Women’s Day the only way we know how. By celebrating and hosting some of our favorite Blowfish Malibu ladies for an ultimate girls night out! We gathered at Burbank’s Colony Theatre for a night of sweet treats, rom-coms and fun photo ops. But more importantly, we just wanted a chance to hang out with some of our favorite girls in Los Angeles. With delicious eats by Dish Catering, photos by Bemis Creative, and yummy specialty cocktails, it was the perfect time to get to know one another. It was awesome to catch up with old friends, meet new faces, and introduce everyone to each other. The energy in the room was positively palpable. I guess that’s what happens when you get a group of amazing women together!

And of course no girls night is complete without a private showing of the classic movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. We certainly felt like this was a quality Friday night out with the gals.

Check out girls night out below!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the hardworking, strong babes out there! How do you celebrate the women in your life? 

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The Best Instagram-Worthy Places to Shoot in LA

Blowfish Malibu brings you a list of the best places to shoot in LA. Trust us, your Instagram will thank you.

From fanciful movie set locations to museums and vibrant murals, the city is covered in allurement. If you’re a born and raised Californian, you might have heard of some of these places already. However, if you have never been, get ready to jot down a list of places you must visit on your next California venture. Just don’t forget your camera, iPhone, and smile — these are our favorite places to shoot in LA.

This list includes architectural gems like the The Getty Center and The Getty Museum, outstanding vista points like the Hollywood Sign, and world-famous landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Pier


One of the hottest locations to visit during your stay in LA is Santa Monica. Unmistakably fun and photogenic, the pier is one of the most iconic and recognizable landmarks in all of LA. Visit to snap photos in front of the ferris wheel, crafty restaurants, or the shoreline. It also has vibrant, beautiful pink and orange sunset views.

Venice Beach

Just south of Santa Monica is the famous beach city of Venice. Venice Beach is a great location to gain some inspiration or to snap some fun pictures. Take in the artistic, bright and creative murals as you take a stroll on the boardwalk.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame


Looking for more of a city vibe? Then the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great location for you to visit —  just make sure you have your camera in hand. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is all about the visiting the pink star of an actor or musician who has earned your admiration. And if you aren’t in it for the celebrities, the glittery terrazzo floor is a great backdrop to take a picture of your favorite pair of shoes.

The Hollywood Sign


Whether a tourist or LA local, the Hollywood sign is a great location for anyone to check out. Plus, you can’t say you’ve really been to LA until you’ve seen the Hollywood Sign. The Griffith Observatory in Los Feliz has a nice view of it and you can get even closer by visiting Beachwood Dr in Hollywood.

Griffith Observatory


Since you’ll already be checking out the Hollywood sign, perhaps you can stop by The Griffith Observatory for a great glimpse of the priceless views. The Griffith Observatory is one of LA’s most iconic buildings and offers some of the best views of the city from its balconies and observation decks, with sight lines all the way to Palos Verdes on a clear day.

The Getty Center & Museum


Now if you think this place is beautiful, you should also consider visiting The Getty Center as well as The Getty Museum. They are both boast amazing architecture and outstanding views.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


If you are like me and truly enjoy and want to be involved in the master of art, then the Urban lights at LACMA is a great place to explore and take beautiful pictures of yourself, your family and friends. I do have to warn you though, it’s a pretty popular spot and likely to be packed with tons of people. I would recommend visiting this location early in the morning or late at night so as to avoid the inevitable tourist photobomb.

Melrose Drive and Rodeo Drive

@luca_ssiqueira; @mrs.glukhov; @jassyjian

Furthermore, if you like to shop and take cute pictures while you’re at it, then Melrose and Rodeo Drive are great places for you.

Melrose is where all the LA street fashion started. It’s also filled with beautiful gems like the infamous pink wall, the butterfly wings, and the Made in LA mural. Not to mention, Melrose has great thrift stores and yummy restaurants.

On the other hand, you have Beverly Hills/ Rodeo Drive, where all the celebrities go shopping. But also a great view of our famous Californian palm trees that look amazing in pictures.

The Beverly Hills Hotel


If you need a place to stay, you have the Beverly Hills Hotel right in the same area. This hotel is literally a living museum space. Everything in there is beautiful and photogenic. Many brands, bloggers, and photographers book a room to get amazing shots.

LA has so many beautiful famous and hidden gems. Now that you have heard some of our favorite spots to shoot, we want to know where you love to visit for the perfect Instagram shot!

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Blogger Spotlight: All Eyes on Jen Hsieh

We love a good throwback Blowfish Malibu story, and the one told by long-standing Blowfish gal and all-around awesome blogger Jen Hsieh is one of our favorites. Dating back to 2009, the 26-year-old New Yorker recalls a crush on her first pair of red flats that she just had to get her hands on. Jen’s been a part of the Blowfish family for a while now, and we were lucky enough to start working with her before she became a well-known influencer with over 11k followers on Instagram! Now, nearly eight years later, we sit down with Jen for our Blogger Spotlight interview.

Jen lives in Astoria, Queens with her “floofy cat, Bubba, and a bad case of wanderlust.” You will most likely find her “planning her next trip, slurping down a bowl of ramen, or devouring a plate of buffalo wings.” 😛

Now let’s take a lil trip down memory lane:

Learn more about Jen in our Blogger Spotlight below…

  1. Why did you become an fashion blogger & how long have you been blogging?
    The reason I got into fashion to begin with was due to my best friend from high school. We went our separate ways for college and our sophomore year she recommended starting a fashion blog together to stay in-touch (this was in 2009). She eventually moved on since she got super busy but I stuck with it year after year after year.
  2. How would you describe your style?
    Casual, comfortable, and simple. I tend to not overcomplicate my looks with accessories, and instead opt for one statement piece per look.
  3. What’s the last thing you were obsessed with?
    Grace + Frankie is one of the best shows of all time and nothing gives me more good feels! 10/10. Would watch again. And again. And again.
  4. Do you have another job or is blogging a full time thing?
    I work full time at Etsy on their Design team as a Sr. Project and Production Manager. Blogging is purely a side passion that I work on during my off-hours.
  5. If you were an animal, what would you be?
    I’m a perfect mix of a howler monkey and Snorlax (the Pokemon) if I’m being truly honest with myself.
  6. What is your favorite social platform to use?
    It’s gotta be Instagram. Surprise, surprise! I’m not the best writer so anything that allows me to focus on the visuals and only churn out short-form copy has my vote.
  7. How long have you been wearing Blowfish Malibu shoes?
    Since 2009. I remember having such a crush on the Silla Flats and then I finally got my hands on them in red!
  8. Do you have an all-time favorite Blowfish Malibu style?
    It’s gotta be theCrawler Sneakers most recently, but a special shout out to my Jackie Boots from 2011.
  9. What’s your dream destination?
    Next up on my list is sailing around Thailand. Someone take me, please?
  10. What’s your motto?
    F_ck sh_t up.


Thanks Jen! We will catch up with you soon!

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Blog: http://www.jennifhsieh.com/
Instagram: @jennifhsieh