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Discover Los Angeles: LA Dodgers Game

The Blowfish Malibu team heads to the ballpark for a Los Angeles Dodgers game!

We, at Blowfish Malibu, really consider ourselves lucky. There is a lot to be thankful for, but one thing in particular, is the fact that we enjoy spending time with each other. We love working together, but we also enjoy participating in local events as friends. This past month we packed up our cars and headed to Dodger Stadium for some Friday night fun.

Baseball is a true American sport, and if you’ve never been to a professional game, you are surely missing out. (But don’t worry, the season is long and you still have time to see one!) It is the fan’s excitement, the smell of the garlic fries, and of course, the delish Dodger (hot) dogs that has to be experienced in person.

The Dodgers games bring out a whole other side in yourself! You get to cheer at the top of your lungs (even if you have no idea what’s going on). Fans can sing “Take me out to the ball game” with thousands of other fans and not care one bit what your screechy voice sounds like. Strangers exchange  high fives and people toast one another.

Going to baseball games creates a certain kind of camaraderie and connectedness that everyone should experience.

If you are thinking about heading to the park, consider the Friday night games because there is a massive fireworks show! The stadium officials open the playing field after the last out and everyone is invited onto the grass to watch the grandiose show. It is a truly stunning way to end the game with your family, friends, and of course, co-workers.

We made a video of our experience at the Dodger game. Check it out below.

+ If you are interested in attending a game, find the LA Dodgers schedule here. Go Dodgers!