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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Fall/Winter 2017 Sneaker Shoot


We give you a sneak(er) peek into our latest Sneaker photo shoot at the legendary Santa Monica High School. 

Nineties inspired grunge, vintage sweatshirts and tees, thrift store finds and laid back vibes. These are just a few of the Fall/Winter 2017 sneaker photo shoot feels. Step behind the scenes to learn more about our latest campaign shoot.

We shot at Santa Monica High School, which sits less than three blocks away from the famous southern California beaches. Enveloped in sunshine and beach breezes, the palm tree-lined SAMO HI (what locals call it) has been home to many different famous athletes, actors, musicians and more. We loved this location because we really wanted to convey the cool California school vibe, and SAMO HI was the perfect choice – I mean, what other schools in the country have year-round outdoor lockers and a beautiful view of the ocean?

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Staying true to our brand name, we focused our styling on the “Malibu” girl. This girl’s style is easy-going and relaxed. She is effortlessly cool so retro revival styling was key. Think short floral dresses, ripped jeans paired with a cropped hoodies, and plaid tops with high waisted denim with raw edge hems.

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When we scouted the high school in advance, we made sure to look for discreet hang out spots – y’know, like where the “cool kids” would go. Santa Monica High School had a ton of them! (Can you spot them in our campaign?) We shot during school hours, which was interesting because in some locations students were present. We had strict instructions not to photograph any of the students, but we did have a ton of girls coming up to us to say how much they loved Blowfish Malibu. Meeting and talking with those gals made our day!

Check out the full behind the scenes video for our Fall/Winter 2017 Sneaker shoot below. Be sure to take a look at the photo shoot in its entirety by clicking here.

And as always, a big thanks to our amazing photo shoot team. Check out their Instagram accounts below.

Photographer: Derek Wood
Videographer: Andrew Garcia
Hair & Makeup: Suzie Kim
Stylist: Melodi Meadows
Model: Lilla Pryor