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A Season of Change

Inspired by those warm evenings in Malibu. Now the days are shorter, but you spend more time reflecting on what was and what will be. Our Fall/Winter 2019 collection transports you to college football games, to chilly mornings when you're curled up on the couch, or to memorable roadtrips taken with your best friends. Incorporating a warm color palette and some of our all-time favorite prints, our newest collection is meant to be worn and loved by you throughout the season. Blowfish Malibu shoes are comfortable on your feet, but even better for your soul.


Take some time and venture with us to explore some behind the scenes shots of our Fall/Winter 2019 photoshoot. Shot on a rooftop in our iconic Downtown Los Angeles, this shoot embodies the city lifestyle of an LA girl. The weather is finally cooling down in sunny LA, and SoCal natives are starting to bundle up (without ever sacrificing their laid back style).