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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Desert Wanderer


When one thinks about the fall and winter seasons, orange leaves, crisp wind, and shorter days may come to mind. But here in Southern California we experience a different kind of fall and winter from the rest of the country. While other states may feel the change in weather and season, Californians slightly and subtly slide into Fall. Though small, we do (believe it or not) experience change and of course there are places in Southern California that receive snowfall. But for our 2017 Fall/Winter campaign, we couldn’t help but be inspired by our vast desert landscapes.


Located 45 minutes north of Downtown LA is 932 acres of spectacular rock formations known as Vasquez Rocks. Since 1935, these otherworldly formations have been used as a backdrop in motion pictures, television series, and in moving and still-image campaigns and advertisements. After our location scout, we quickly decided that Vasquez Rocks would be the perfect backdrop for “Desert Wanderer”. (Even though it was close to 100 degrees when we were there!)

That’s one of the tricky parts about fashion photo shoots; we shoot them a few seasons ahead of time. Wardrobe plays a huge role in our campaigns, as we see our vision come to life. We were lucky enough to work with professional and well-known stylist, Melodi Meadows. When asked to describe her process, she said, “we were inspired by a bohemian grunge look, so we pulled from cool festival looks and kind of put our own spin on it, and added a fall vibe to it. We focused on a lot of layering with leathers and lace, and used cool hairpieces. Then we just mixed it all together.”

For this campaign, we decided to do something a little different and chose to shoot just one model, when usually we use two. But of course our model, Karina, was amazing and didn’t need a counterpart to showcase all of our product. Not only is she beautiful, but she was a true champ as we shot for over eight hours in 100+ degree weather! Overall, we could not have had a better crew for the Fall/Winter campaign – everyone was truly fantastic!

Take a look at it all come together in our behind the scenes video below:

Photographer (Derek Wood): @derekwood

Videographer (Andrew Garcia): @matrimonymedia

Hair & Makeup (Suzie Kim): @suziekmakeup

Stylist (Meloldi Meadows): @babynative

Model (Karina Nichols): @kaarines