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The Brand Behind the Scenes

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Blowfish Malibu

Just when you think you really know someone…

You might follow us Instagram and like us on Facebook. Maybe you participate in (and possibly have even won!) our giveaways.  Perhaps you read our blog and shop our campaign look books. We’re your go-to for laid back, casual and comfy shoes at affordable prices and we couldn’t be happier about it. But how much do you really know about us, your favorite shoe brand? I think you might be surprised! Read on to discover some little known fun facts about us.

Blowfish Malibu was born in New Jersey and Malibu.

Our humble beginnings started in a little office in Edison, New Jersey where all members of the team (which was only 3 people) worked to run operations, finance and sales. Our design team (all of 1 person) was based in Malibu. We made the move to one single company out of California in 2009!

Our office is not in Malibu, but one of our founders is from Malibu.

Though we dream about having an office in Malibu, we are actually based in sunny Culver City, California.  One of our founders is from Malibu and you better believe we frequent his house a lot! We are all deeply inspired by the Malibu lifestyle. Have you ever been?

Our name now is longer than the original.

Our original name was just Blowfish for about a year before we lengthened it to Blowfish Malibu. Who knew!?

You can find Blowfish Malibu around the world.

While we have set our roots in the US, we can be found around the world including France, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and even Australia. Keep your eyes peeled for us on your travels! And if you’re ever looking for a store, our store locator also includes stores outside of the US.

We make big and little shoes.

We have expanded our line to include womens, kids and even toddlers now.  Now your little-uns can wear Blowfish Malibu. (See here!) We will be expanding this collection to add more toddlers styles for Fall 2018!

We’re serious about being laid-back, comfy and casual.

99% of our shoes are made with some sort of easy way to wear them. Our booties include an inside zipper for easy on and off, velcro is used to easily put on a pair of sandals, and even our sneakers have elastic so you can quickly slide them on and off. We’re determined to make your life easy!

Our prints are designed in house.

Every print you see on our shoes has been designed by our talented team of designers. Whether it’s a floral print or California-inspired, we take pride in knowing no one else has our prints!

TV Famous?

Back in 2010, MTV filmed a reality episode of “Hired” at our offices, when we were on a quest for an international sales assistant. The whole episode was dedicated to us, and we did in fact hire someone in the end!

One of our co-founders was a gymnast!

True story! We are happy he decided on a career change, or else maybe we wouldn’t be here today!

More than just shoes?

Though we love creating, designing, and selling shoes, we also want to offer more. Stay tuned, we have a lot of exciting things in the mix! Maybe one day we’ll be making more than just shoes! 😉

Meanwhile, to ensure you’re seeing our newest product, fun giveaways and updates, make sure you follow us on Instagram!