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Spring Makeover: Four Ways to Store Your Shoes

It’s time to clean house! Here are our favorite ways to store your shoes.

We have known about it for many years. It resides in the back of our head. It often intimidates. Thank goodness it only happens once a year. Ladies, I’m talking about spring cleaning (gasp!). Though the thought of cleansing your entire house, apartment, or even room may strike fear in the best of us, the impending results are overwhelmingly satisfying.

Cozying up indoors for the last six months (can we call it hibernating?) has been glorious. Nights spent under warm blankets near the fire drinking mulled wine is tough to beat. However, just as the earth shakes off the cold to welcome the spring, so do we. The weather becomes warmer, the sun shines for longer, and the once dormant earth shows signs of new life with budding flowers and sprouting leaves. Spring is a beautiful reawakening.

Just as Mother Earth recovers from winter, as do we with our homes. It’s time for renewal, my friends!

I won’t get into the nitty gritty of spring cleaning and I definitely won’t guilt you into doing it. But I will share some spring inspiration on some different creative and super stylish ways to store your shoes. Check it out below.

Under your bed.

If you are tight on space, this is a genius hack. If you have the room, place your shoes in bins, baskets, or boxes and neatly place under your bed. Label each bin with the type of shoe for even more organization.

I love this idea below. Pallets make easy and inexpensive (sometimes free!) bed frames, so why not use it to store your shoes too?

On the wall. 

Of course shoes don’t make great wall decor! Let me explain. Most wall shoe organizers can store at least 24 pairs of shoes. The shoes are clearly visible so you will have the most options to go through when styling your outfit. Plus wall racks are exceptionally tidy. If you don’t want to be staring at your wall of shoes all the time,  just hang a floor length curtain a few inches away from your shoes like the one pictured below. Voilà, no shoes in sight!

Displayed on shelving.

Whether you decide to DIY or simply take a trip to IKEA, shelving works brilliantly for shoe storage. You can customize the dimensions, colors, and materials of your shelving to suit your style and home decor. If you have a blank wall in your closet, I recommend building out a shelving unit inside to keep your closet looking pristine. Tall and lean shelving works great for small spaces. Add trinkets or plants for a more personal look.

In baskets.

Every spring and summer I leave a sturdy straw basket at the door. I use them for flip flops and sandals for easy organization. This idea is perfect for those who live at the beach. Who wants sand indoors? Not me.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite ways to store your shoes?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

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