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Shhh! We Know In-N-Out’s Secret Menu

In-N-Out has become a legend in its own right; a burger place with cheap prices, delicious food and (gasp!) a secret menu…?

In-N-Out is a fast food fave among many Californians craving that all-American meal. In fact, In-N-Out is often a bucket list item for most out-of-towners. Even fashion bloggers can’t resist the bright color palette and palm trees for their photos.  But what most people don’t know is that In-n-Out also boasts its own Secret Menu.

Ask most native West Coasters and they will walk you through this Secret Menu quite easily; it’s an unadvertised list of tasty choices for those “in the know.” And, fortunately, being a Californian, I have been ordering off of it for years. However, there’s no way you would know about this treasure unless you did your research, or someone from SoCal blessed you with this fast food holy grain. I mean… Animal Fries? MY GOD, they are incredible.

The Mission

We here at Blowfish Malibu were more than willing to help research this secret menu. (Let’s just say it wasn’t a tough decision to join the “research team.”) We ventured over to the In-N-Out in Marina Del Rey (in our favorite Blowfish Malibu sneakers, of course) to order a few of our favorite items from the illusive menu.

We went in armed with our tasty knowledge and immediately tried to narrow down our order. Because there are SO many items we could have ordered off the Secret Menu, we limited it to our top favorites. And just for kicks, we ordered a few items we’ve never tried before.

Our mission was to explore the hushed menu. Your mission? Try not to get too hungry while reading this post.

Allie is wearing the ‘Play’ sneaker by Blowfish Malibu!

The Neopolitan Milkshake

First things first – the Neopolitan shake. In-N-Out is known for their creamy, delicious milkshakes. Growing up, this was the treat my parents would take me to get after a job well done. But guess what you can’t find on the menu? The Neopolitan.

A creamy blend of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice creams – the Neopolitan is hands down the favorite of countless Californians, including our European Operations rep, Brisa. She says, “the Neapolitan shake is my fave because I get three flavors in one. It’s the best of three worlds. I never have to decide on just one flavor.”

The Flying Dutchman

Something none of us have ever tried from the menu before is The Flying Dutchman.

Two perfectly cooked meat patties held together with a few slices of melted cheese in the middle (grilled onions optional) makes up this secret item. The Flying Dutchman is a dream for those Angelenos who are hard-core in the middle of their Keto diet.

Bursting with flavor and made even tastier paired with the iconic In-N-Out spread (ask for a pack when you pick up your food from the counter), The Flying Dutchman is a definite must-try.

Animal Style Fries

Animal Fries are – hands down – an essential part of any trip to In-N-Out. So… they might not be that healthy for you, but they are absolutely delicious. These babies are usually cleared from the table in less than five minutes. In-N-Out’s famous hand cut fries are smothered in cheese, grilled onions, and then topped with a glob of their secret spread. Are you drooling yet? Because I am.

Social Media Manager, Allie, will never get sick of this secret menu staple. “I can remember the first time I ever had Animal Fries. It was summertime, my friends and I were at the local pool, and one of our moms came by with a fresh stash of In-N-Out for us. She had gotten the Animal Fries and, after one bite, I was completely hooked. I probably ate the whole box by myself. I think there was a period of time growing up where I had to have them once a week… the perks of being 15!”

Seriously foodie friends, if you’ve never had these, you’ve got to get them in your belly ASAP. Want another fun Secret Menu tip? Order your fries well-done for some french fry crunch.

Double-Double, Protein Style

Craving a burger, but trying to watch your carb intake? Make sure to order your burger “Protein Style.”

An incredibly simple concept, but one that can go a long way for the California girl or guy who is trying to cut down on the carbs. Instead of placing your burger in a bun, the cooks simply wrap the meat up in fresh lettuce. Hello guilt-free lunch. Just have a ton of napkins handy… this burger can get messy.

Fried Mustard Bun Burger with Chilis

Another new secret menu item we were trying out for the first time? Ordering our burger with mustard grilled into the bun. INTO THE BUN. And it was delish! We also asked for chilis to be added to the burger, which kicked it up a notch with extra zest.

Art Director, Nikol, says, “In-N-Out is such a staple with the small menu but it’s so fun getting to find out about these ‘secret menu items’ because it makes me feel like an insider! I’m not much of a burger fan and In-N-Out is literally the only burger I will order out. Love that I can add a bit of spice with the pepperchinis too!”

The Consensus

Overall, the Secret Menu from In-N-Out is downright fun. It’s like a secret club that you only really know about if you’ve grown up around the burger chain. There’s a bit of a thrill walking up to the register to order off the secret menu and knowing that they know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. For extra fun, wink at the cashier after you order. LOL.

That all being said, you really can’t go wrong with the regular menu items like the Double-Double and fries, too. Everything we’ve ever eaten from In-N-Out is delicious, and the burger chain will remain a top choice fast food for most West Coasters.

Nikol wore her Blowfish Malibu ‘Marley’ sneakers on our lunch trip to In-N-Out!

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