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Peek Into our World: A Blowfish Malibu Company Meeting

To say working for a fashion brand is fun and challenging is an understatement. There are multiple moving parts, an array of personalities, deadlines and due dates, loads of inspiration, office procedures, product design, and lifelong friendships with co-workers created. Have you ever wondered what the inner-workings are of some of your favorite companies? Well, we thought we would share a small peek into our world here at Blowfish Malibu.


Each department works tirelessly everyday to bring you the freshest shoe trends. From product design, sales and marketing, the different teams work seamlessly with one another to ensure each and everyone of you is satisfied and happy. Though there are many topics to talk about when it comes to our company, we wanted to share with you our latest annual company meeting. I understand that the following might sound quite anticlimactic, but this year we focused on bringing it back to the basics, as we are constantly trying to better the brand through these meetings.


First we figure out what we want to focus on and we base the meeting around that. “Communication”, “Roles and Responsibilities” and “How are shoes made?” have been some past themes. Below are some photos of us hand-making shoes last year during a company meeting. Our goal was for the entire company to understand the components of what goes into making a shoe. It was super fun and educational, especially for those who don’t work in design or production!

These meetings are highly important so we fly everyone who works for Blowfish Malibu to LA and hold a company meeting in and around our headquarters. The meetings generally consist of guest speakers, fun team building exercises, and informational presentations from our in-house departments. The goal is that everyone learn ONE thing new. Yes, just one. We aren’t about overwhelming our teams, we simply want everyone to leave our meetings having learned a little more than when they arrived, so we can run the company better together.

In July we based the company meeting around the importance of Marketing. Generally speaking, marketing is tough to define as it includes many levels. So, what did we do? We went back to basics:


  1. Why is marketing important?
  2. What makes Blowfish Malibu different?
  3. What are our core values and visions?


We reinforced who we are as a brand, created mood boards to reflect this, brainstormed about how to grow the company with our sales staff, and how to speak to customers (you!) with appropriate, fun, and timely marketing.


Below is the marketing team doing their thing.



Don’t let these photos fool you – I promise it’s not always so serious. We indulged in fun things after our company meeting including a lunchtime boat ride and wine tasting in Malibu! We here at Blowfish Malibu not only like to learn from each other, we like to embrace the Cali life too!