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The One Pair of Shoes you Need for Traveling

Calling all world travelers!

Today I am going to share with you a Blowfish Malibu secret. But first, I want you to take a moment and think about all of the shoes you own. Ask yourself — on a scale of 1-10 — how much do you really love them?  Then I want you to take a closer look. Out of your collection, choose just one. Your top favorite pair. Now ask yourself how many outfits can you wear with this pair of shoes. Then I want you to ask yourself, is there enough variation to cover for cold and hot temperatures? How about for long journeys that require walking long distances? Are they appropriate for all traveling occasions?

Of course, each one of you will have different answers for these hypothetical questions. Some of you can picture the perfect traveling shoe, and some of you might be lacking in that department. But don’t worry, I got you girl. 

And now for the Blowfish Malibu secret: Here at headquarters, we praise and love Play.

This style is inspired by the laid-back California vibes and features a pre-distressed, unlaced look. An elastic was placed inside to keep these babies comfortably secure, yet they slip on and off easily. As we all know, shoes have to come off when passing through TSA, a super tedious and stressful task. The pressure to move fast and to keep an eye on all of your things can make for one stressful situation. Play makes this process go much easier and faster.

Besides Play being an “easy on, easy off” traveling shoe, they will give you that casual, effortless traveling look. So get yourself a pair of Play! This style is forever a classic. Not to mention, they come in all types of colors and patterns. So you won’t have an issue choosing your favorite. I personally love them all, but the one I find that works best when traveling is Play in White Color Washed Cozumel Line.  It matches all my outfits, including sun-dresses, long and short skirts, jeans and overalls. They are great for walking long distances (and on different pavements), so you can go off to your adventures without worry. 

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