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Introducing the Blowfish Malibu Green Team!

Introducing the Blowfish Malibu Green Team!

We are excited to announce that at Blowfish Malibu headquarters, we just started a new initiative called the Green Team. In short, we created a group of individuals that are advocating for a more eco-conscious office space. The Green Team will be implementing new eco-conscious procedures, and be the voice for positive change at work. 

Learn more about the Green Team, what we’re doing, and how you can make simple changes at home too.

First off, I am very excited to be a part of the new Blowfish Malibu Green Team! The team consists of four members from various departments; Brisa in European Operations, Melissa in Accounting, Chip in Design, and Liv from Customer Service. Our team is made up of different departments for a reason. Not only is it great for getting to know one another, but each member delivers a unique perspective on how their individual department can become greener.

Our initial focus has been on “greening up” our daily operations at the office. We started by donating all our single-use plastic and paperware in the kitchen and replacing them with real silverware and ceramic dishes. We also switched out our coffee machine. Those plastic single-cup coffee filters created a lot of waste! Our new coffee machine is a bean-to-cup device that makes delicious coffee with no single-use filters. Plus, it fills the office with a great coffee smell each time the beans are grounded!

We have also replaced all cleaning supplies with eco-conscious refillable alternatives. We also learned how to properly dispose of hard-to-recycle office supplies, like staplers. Thanks to partnering with Terracycle, no more broken staplers, empty pens, or ripped folders have headed to the trash. Terracycle will recycle it all! These are just a few first steps we have taken to make the office more green, though there is still so much more to do. We have big plans for 2020 that will see many more aspects of office life go green!

The Green Team was created to promote a more environment-friendly office space, and surprisingly I found that this has spilled over to my home life as well. I didn’t think I could go much greener at home, but after working with the Green Team, I have found even more ways to impact my home. It is my hope that the momentum that the Green Team has created transfers over to the homes of all Blowfish Malibu employees, and our customers as well.

Here are a few ways you can make a change at home too:

I believe that every small change that we perform in our daily lives to reduce the usage of plastics or harmful chemicals will generate a significant shift. And I am so happy to be a part of a company that is committed to helping create these necessary changes. We only have one earth, and it’s a really spectacular place! Let’s all do our part to take care of it. 

 What else can we add to our list? What are you doing at home to help the planet?

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