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So You Think You Want to Surf?

So You Think You Want to Surf?

My answer is gnarly, dude! All jokes aside, once you begin surfing, you won’t want to stop! I am not a morning person by any means, but I wake up at 5:30 am at least once a week to hit the waves before work. On top of being a fun activity, it is a great full-body workout!

If you are thinking about wanting to surf, check out my tips from one newbie surfer to another:

1. Be patient.

Surfing is remarkably challenging, and you might not stand up on the board the first… or the second time you go out. But the moment you finally do, it will be totally worth it!

2. Go with a buddy.

I highly recommend riding with a friend who has surfing experience. They can give you tips on how to best stand up on the board and ride the wave. They can also help you find the right spot to surf, which waves to ride and will assist you in avoiding any rough or rocky terrain. The buddy system is also vital in case you need aid or get caught in a wave.

3. Be courteous.

I’m sure you will be anxious to hop on the board and get to hanging ten, but it is best to wait for your turn. There is an etiquette that goes along with surfing, and it’s essential to be polite. General rule: the surfer nearest to the peak of the wave has the right away. Read more about the surfing protocol here!

4. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Hit the waves whenever possible! Even when you are not by the water, you can practice your pop-ups at home. I try to follow the routine of doing five pop-ups before going to bed every night. It helps build your strength and find the balance you need to stay on the board.

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