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How to Host the Perfect Brunch (On a Budget)

This is a serious fact in Los Angeles: Brunch is a way of life. 

There’s something magical about venturing out on a weekend morning with your gal pals. There’s nothing like drinking mimosas and indulging in omelettes as you gab about each other’s lives. We made a list of our favorite top spots  (find it here!) and at this point, we’re convinced there’s nothing better. (Well, minus the fact that we spend too much moolah on this lovely morning food sesh.)

With that being said, brunching at home with your crew could definitely take the top brunch hot spot. There’s no waiting for a table or dealing with overstressed servers. Plus, brunching at home is much cheaper! And who doesn’t like saving a few pennies?

Here’s some quick tips on how to host the perfect brunch (on a budget). All from the comfort of your own home!

Pinterest is your best friend.

We are already convinced that Pinterest is a gift from the heavens. But you should fully utilize this tool to discover yummy recipes, decorating tips, or morning cocktail concoctions that won’t break the bank.

Costco is definitely a stop you need to make.

Not only can you buy a million eggs for practically nothing, Costco should be your one and only stop for morning booze. You don’t need the good stuff for mimosas, so this is your perfect opportunity to stock up on jumbo bottles of Cooks champagne.

Experiment with mixing drinks in large batches.

Whether you’re making sangria or mimosas, it’s easier to control the rations of the drinks if you pre-mix these morning cocktails yourself! Not to mention, you can have these refreshing beverages cold and ready to go once all your friends walk through your door.

Invite your friends to show up in their pajamas.

There’s something fun about a pajama party… especially one that takes place first thing in the morning! Give everyone some added value and allow them to come without changing from what they wore to bed the night before.

Model your menu off of your favorite brunch spot.

Is your favorite Sunday morning brunch spot the master of Eggs Benedict? Do they do a mean hash brown special? Do they serve the best biscuits and gravy in town? Take cues from your favorite food spots and really work on honing in on a dish that’ll have your friends begging you to keep hosting brunch from the comfort of your own home!

Assign food and/or drinks to your gals.

A boozy morning brunch should be a group effort! Encourage your friends to put their cooking skills to the test. Invite them to bring a dish of their own to share. Just because you’re hosting at your place doesn’t mean that you need to be responsible for everything that people eat and drink.

Invest in reusable glasses and decor.

Skip the disposable glasses or silverware and opt for everything that you can reuse! Buy those nice plastic champagne flutes that break down, so you can hand wash them and use them again. This will definitely save you some money in the long run – the disposable stuff gets expensive fast!

Have you ever hosted a brunch at home? What are some of your favorite things to do?

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