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Blowfish Malibu Spotlight: Maha Kolacek

Get to know Blowfish Malibu’s Director of Information Technology, Maha Kolacek! 


Tell us about your position at Blowfish Malibu.

I am Director of IT.  I oversee all things IT, so anything system related.  My goal is to implement changes/updates in processes and systems, where needed, to make everyone’s job a little easier!

When did you first become interested in tech?

Honestly, I fell into it by accident, but has been an adventurous lifelong career.  Technology was “the thing” to do during my college years.

What did you do previously before joining the Blowfish Malibu team?

I have a lengthy IT background.  Before Blowfish, I was at The Honest Company.

How did you get started with Blowfish Malibu?

I originally replied to a post on LinkedIn and interviewed with Greg Kearns.  Our conversation impressed me; I became curious about BF.  Although that position was not the right fit, I am happy to say that Greg reached out a few months later to discuss the position I now hold!

What creative projects have you been working on that you’re excited about? Can you tell us about them? 

I am currently working on the implementation of a 360 Photo Studio.  This will greatly improve the quality of images of our products, as well as provide a 360-spin feature for our website/line sheets.  In addition, this will eliminate the need to send images out to be retouched which will mean Marketing will have access to the images much sooner.  And it will greatly reduce the need for human intervention, which means images will be more consistent.

What do you like most about working in the fashion industry?

I love fashion, but it’s hard to keep up.  This can help me stay in touch with what’s trending!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The people! Blowfish has amazing people 😊 And, I love seeing our shoes at the stores and pointing them out.

The Blowfish Malibu offices are in LA. What’s your favorite thing about the city?

The weather.  The diversity.  The endless things to do, and places to discover. And all the different food!

Which is your favorite pair of Blowfish Malibu shoes?

I’m still new, so I have yet to figure that out.  But I can tell you that I’ve randomly picked up BF shoes on many occasions when shopping.  They seem to catch my eye!

What advice would you have for someone who’s trying to pursue the same career as you?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Don’t feel like you should just know.  Every industry, every company, has its own jargon, its own acronyms.  And take notes!  You will be glad you did.


What was the last thing you were obsessed with?

My granddaughters…the 2 cutest babies ever!

Where are you from and how has that shaped you?

Originally, I’m from Egypt!  Moving to the MidWest as an 8-year-old was quite the adventure, snow was a fun feature!  Till I grew up and came to my senses…lol!  But honestly, I loved growing up there and raising my kids there.  I moved to LA about 5 years ago.  Ironically, we were supposed to move from Egypt to LA, but my dad stopped in Wisconsin to visit his brother and decided to stay in the Chicago area.

What’s your dream travel destination?

I’d love to travel the world!

If you could have lunch with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

My dad.  And the cast of Friends 😉

When do you feel best about yourself?

When I get a lot done, check things off my to do list!  When I have things organized so I don’t feel frazzled.

What’s your personal motto?

Be present and enjoy. It really does go by fast!

What’s a fun fact about you most people don’t know?

Most people are surprised that I’m a grandma!



I learn the most from experiencing/actually doing/participating.
I can’t live without My family
You can find me shopping at Marshalls…I love finding deals!
My astrological sign is Aries.
I’m scared of hmmmm?
The last book I read was: A play “Time Stands Still”
Most people would say I’m: easy to talk to.
Most people don’t know: I’m from Egypt.
My style mantra is look good, but be comfortable 😉.
I feel most comfortable in in my stretchy pants and cute top.
When I woke up today I felt tired.
I feel the best when I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything, and can just spend time with my family.


Thank you Maha for answering our questions!

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