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Discover LA: The Grove

In this week’s Discover LA, we visit the legendary shopping mecca, The Grove. 

I’m about to make the understatement of a lifetime: there is a ton to do in Los Angeles. Whether you’re into sports, fashion, architecture, history, surfing, cuisine, entertainment, music, or art, the City of Angels has something for you. With so much variety spread across 503 city square miles, how does one even begin to explore? Well, we got together here at Blowfish Malibu headquarters and narrowed it down for you. Unanimously, it was decided that The Grove is easily in our top five favorite places to visit in LA.

Located in LA’s Fairfax District, The Grove is a popular entertainment destination for tourists and locals alike.

Boasting more than four and a half stars across almost 13,000 reviews (13,000!!!), this shopping heaven features upscale shops like Barney’s, Dian von Furstenberg, Le Labo, Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Anthropologies, Madewell and more. In addition, the Grove is home to a luxury movie theater, delicious restaurants, ever-evolving pop up shops, and a Farmer’s Market. If you are looking to get delightfully lost for hours, this place is for you.

On the weekend, I love heading to the Grove to meet up with some friends to grab a coffee. Later, we roam around and window shop the latest in fashion. On the flip side, I also love to swing by one of the restaurants for after work drinks with friends. The dining at the Grove is second to none. Choose between fresh sushi at Blue Ribbon, a delectable burger at Umami, or pasta and red  wine at Maggiano’s. During the holidays, the Grove is decked out in jaw-dropping decorations and they even magically make it snow in Southern California.

If you are traveling with kids, hop on the trolley for a jaunt around the premises, which entertains the little ones and adults alike. Take a stroll through the Farmer’s Market and get a handmade ice cream cone. Jump into the gorgeous theater to catch a showing of the latest blockbuster, and end the evening with a tasty cronut. Sounds like a pretty ideal day, right?

Have you spent some quality time at The Grove in Los Angeles? What’s your favorite thing to do while you’re there?

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