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Discover LA: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Introducing one of our favorite night hot spots: Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

Here in LA, we’re serious suckers for a good bar. But if you give us a good THEMED bar, you have our hearts forever. Enter Good Times at Davey Wayne’s. This 1970s themed hideaway has been around since 2014 and has quickly become a favorite of the LA crew. And for good reason!

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First things first: you enter the bar through a refrigerator door. The front entryway is covered in vintage memorabilia including an old school cigarette machine. Other pieces throughout the space makes you feel like you just stepped into the coolest swap meet in the world. Once you open that magical door, you walk up some steps and into a “living room” that looks straight out of The 70s Show or Almost Famous. On certain days of the week, you can catch a live show – which makes you feel like you walked straight into a 1970s house party.

When you make your way to the main bar, you’re invited into a world of yellow furniture and more mini-fridges. Their Happy Hour menu is definitely worth checking out on a random day after work with some friends.

Eventually, you make your way outside, where you’re welcomed by an opportunity to purchase some alcoholic snow cones and to hang in swings in this 1970s inspired backyard.

Regardless of the day or the time of year,Good Times at Davey Wayne’s continues to be one of our favorite spots in LA and we highly recommend checking it out.

Have you ever been to Davey Wayne’s? What did you think about it?

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