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Discover LA: Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It’s official: Cinespia is our new favorite thing to do in Los Angeles. Like, ever. 

There’s nothing quite like Fall weekends in California. As temperatures cool to the comfortable mid-70s, Angelenos head outdoors to bask in the last of the year’s long weekends and golden glow. One of our favorite places to spend the weekend is at LA’s most unique and popular outings, Cinespia, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The ultimate social experience, Cinespia invites people of all ages to enjoy a movie outdoors, er… in a cemetery, to be more exact.

Pack a picnic, bring a blanket and your favorite group of people and enjoy this awesome walk-in theatre. When you head out with your crew, be aware that eager locals line up hours before the movie starts. (But don’t worry, you can drink your wine in line!) After you are ushered in shortly before sun down, groove to the music being played by a live DJ and enjoy the various food stalls. Don’t forget to take advantage of the themed photo booth which is unique to whatever film is playing that night.

It’s in a cemetery? It must be spooky, right? NOT. AT. ALL. Cinespia is always giving off good vibes, with people laughing, hanging out and watching a movie with their friends. Cool fact: Cinespia was recently featured on HBO’s hit comedy, Insecure, with the character, Issa, celebrating her birthday there.

Overall, it’s places and experiences like these that make Los Angeles such a fun city to live in. Just be sure to bring some food, a low seated lawn chair (your back will thank you), and a jacket as it gets chilly at night!

Have you ever checked out Cinespia? Which movie did you catch!?

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