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Rosé, All Day (at the Beach)

We love wine. Love, love, love it. We also love the beach. And when you combine our two favorite things? Best day ever. 

Nothing beats a day spent at the beach in Malibu. All you need are your tunes, sun hat, favorite book and your SPF because you are about to have a beautiful, long day relaxing in the sunshine. Of course, bringing a bottle of water is the best way to hydrate under the hot sun, but who says you can’t bring your favorite wines too? En route to the beach, we highly recommend stopping for some sandwiches and your favorite canned rosé. Make the trek down Kanan Road toward Malibu to spend some quality beach time with friends and family. And if you are worried about bringing wine on the sand, don’t worry! We’ve already beach-approved them.

Babe Rosé

Why we like it: The name of this wine alone makes you want to grab a can or two. A popular choice for a lot of LA rooftop bars, Babe Rosé is tasty and easy to drink. Keep it in your cooler for a great accompaniment  for just about any lunch you brought to the sand with you.

Dark Horse Rosé

Why we like it: Dark Horse Rosé is my personal go-to when I need to pick up some wine for a brunch or girl’s night. At less than $10 a bottle, this crisp, drier rosé is delicious and an ideal choice when you can’t find any canned wine at the grocery store. If you are sneaky like me, pour it in a thermos and bring as much of it as you can because this stuff will go fast.

Side note: We’ve recently heard a rumor that they are going to start packaging this in can form! Awesome.

Underwood Wines

Why we like it: Even though we tend to stick to lighter wines for a day at the beach, there are a handful of people who prefer red wine any time of the day. If this is the case, Underwood is the way to go. With a variety of different flavor options,  there is bound to be something for everyone – red, white (and pink!) alike.

Simpler Wines

Why we like it: Simpler Wines is becoming a staple purchase from Trader Joes, and it’s easy to see why. Its cute packaging, great price point, and sweet taste are perfect for the gal who is just venturing into wine. The white wine options are on the sweeter side, and the rosé is a favorite for most palettes. What makes Simpler Wines stand out? They are sparkling!

Alloy Wine Works

Why we like it: Alloy is just a good wine, period. Regardless of the fact that it’s in a can, Alloy is a great option for those who prefer large portions, or just want to sip on one can for awhile. These cans contain roughly three glasses of wine each, making Alloy perfect for those long summer romance novels you just can’t put down.

What about you? Do you have a favorite wine or beverage that you love to bring to the beach with you? Let us know, because you know we’ll try it out.

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