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An Inside Look at 29 Rooms

Come with us as we check out the art exhibition everyone is talking about, 29 Rooms. 

I’m not going to lie… I was SUPER stoked to hear that 29 Rooms, the interactive art exhibit/funhouse, was coming to Los Angeles in December. I began to hear buzz surrounding the first 29 Rooms that took place in New York City last year and first thought, what a fun place to take photos. “Do it for the ‘gram!” I yelled in my head. (Celebrity and influencers who visited the exhibition were blowing up my Instagram feed with selfies and colorful images.) It seemed like there was an endless amount of fun and artistic backgrounds and exhibits to explore.

Once I found out LA would play host to the next 29 Rooms, I knew I had to get myself there (and, sure, maybe take a few Instagram pics myself). Well, I am happy to report that we got our hands on the first tickets we could find, cleared our schedule for the day, and readied ourselves for an experience like never before.

SPOTTED! Our favorite color: Blowfish Malibu purple.

After doing some digging, I learned that 29 Rooms is much more than a place to take cute pics for Instagram. (Though it is quite inevitable.) Each of the 29 rooms in this exhibit incorporates technology, art, music, and activities to make the number 29 meaningful. Provocative statements and powerful messages on our present-day culture are expressed through playing, storytelling, and creative thinking.

“Seen and Unseen” by Juco

My two favorite aspects of the experience was the underlying vibe of socially conscious activism in many of the rooms, as well as the really cool collaborations of celebrities and artists in this multi-sensory dreamscape of installations.

So why 29?

29 Rooms is created by the digital media and lifestyle news company Refinery 29 . This year, they used #TurnItIntoArt as their hashtag slogan, inspired by a Carrie Fisher quote, “Take your broken heart, make it into art.”

“Erotica in Bloom” by Maisie Cousins

What kinds of rooms will I find?

An (airbrush) tattoo parlor “Power Parlor” by Demi Lovato that offers tattoos with empowering messages.

Both The Women’s March and Planned Parenthood were represented in two different rooms. In the Women’s March room, we were encouraged to write postcards to our local representative explaining why women’s rights matter, and they later sent these postcards off. Talk about taking action!

Who run the world?
#GirlLove, Women’s March, & Planned Parenthood.

Janelle Monae’s “What’s Your Frequency?” room, “The Womb” by poet Cleo Wade, and Emma Roberts’ “Tales We Tell”

Kicking our feet up in some of our favorite Blowfish Malibu styles (from left to right) Kinder, Sunder, Maki

Some other rooms that need mentioning were the “I, Tonya” by Margot Robbie room that was made of trophies, the “Shred it” by Jake Gyllenhal, which was filled with shredded paper, and the “Laughing Room” which was a room full of laughing audio!

If you have the opportunity to see 29 Rooms, go! It was an incredible experience.