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Groundbreaking Florals for Spring

Nothing says spring like fresh and funky florals!

Do you remember the epic super bloom of Spring, 2017 in Southern California?! In case you missed it, brilliant pops of purple, yellow, pink, and orange carpeted hillsides, desert floors, and overgrown gardens. Flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors blanketed the earth so thick, they could be seen from many miles away. It was the brightest and most massive super bloom in over a decade. Seeds that had laid dormant for years waiting for rain, finally got the water they needed, and millions (bajillions?) of flowers erupted from the So Cal ground. Well, we were so inspired (ok, maybe a little obsessed) by the gorgeous, fragrant flowers that we created an entire collection of printed floral sneakers for Spring 2018.

We just can’t help ourselves… florals are our favorite.

Thanks for the intro, Meryl. Meet the new groundbreaking floral prints for Spring’s super funky sneakers.

Mystic Garden Print

Marley Sneaker

We love this sneaker because of its stretchy laceless nature. I mean, who has time to tie shoes anyway? Shop it here.

Play Sneaker

Another laceless classic in the mystic garden print, this one seems even more rebellious because you can lace it up! (But we don’t ’cause we’re crazy like that.) Meet the Play sneaker, the most wild, yet laid back sneaker we have ever made. Shop it here.

Black Japanese Floral

Coast Sneaker

We’re cruising down the coast in this dark floral sneaker inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan. This style is a Buckle exclusive – shop it here.

Valley Girl

Coyote Sneaker

The only floral sneaker that actually comes with laces, Coyote is a shoe with delicate floral print reminiscent of classic vintage style. Shop this Journeys exclusive here.

Which is your favorite? Which print will you be sporting this Spring?