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Your New Favorite Island Boutique, Catalina Gear

Introducing one of our favorite boutiques, Catalina Gear, on the beautiful Catalina Island. 

Being a Southern California native, I grew up hearing about the elusive Catalina Island. Located roughly 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles, this beautiful piece of rugged land is part of the California Channel Islands. The island has two main city hubs: the resort town of Twin Harbors on the north side, and Avalon, residing in the south. Both towns are easily accessible by boat. (The Catalina Express is what 99% of travelers use.)  The other option is arrival by helicopter. (You fancy, huh?)

Though I had grown up knowing about this little paradise island, it wasn’t until my 20s that I finally checked it out. Man, had I been missing out!

While the entire island itself is only 22 miles long and eight miles wide, I found myself getting lost in the history and beauty of it all. The main Southern town of Avalon is where most of the action happens. There are great restaurants, local beach spots, and one of my favorite pastimes, shopping!

Nestled in the center of the charming town of Avalon is one of our favorite boutique’s, Catalina Gear.

Going on 34 years of operation, Catalina Gear is owned and operated by a longtime, multi-generation family local to the island. They pride themselves in taking the time to offer friendly and individual care to all of their customers. The shop offers a mix of contemporary clothing from small independent lines as well as known indie and chic labels. Though you may have guessed it, they also offer a variety of adorable sandals and sneakers from yours truly!

So if you find yourself looking for a weekend getaway, look no further than Catalina Island! Make sure to stop by and see our friends at Catalina Gear!

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