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Where to Eat Ube, the Latest Food Trend

The food world is going crazy for a purple Filipino dish and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Ube (pronounced “ooo-bay”) is a sweet dessert made from purple yam, and as a Filipina myself, it’s been cool to see my personal choice of dessert become mainstream. Ube has taken the foodie world by storm because of its yummy taste and its fun bright purple color. Photos of ube have been circulating around Instagram and the blog world because of its bold colors, shape and overall photogenic qualities.

Since LA is a foodie’s paradise I thought I would indulge (more than I usually do) by exploring some Ube dessert spots around the city. Two places especially stole my heart and satisfied my belly.

My first stop was Somi Somi in Koreatown. It is an ice cream store that specializes in soft serve and Taiyaki. Taiyaki is a gold fish shaped waffle cone stuffed with your choice of filling. I (obviously) chose Ube flavored soft serve, custard filling topped with fruity pebbles. To say it was good is an understatement. It was amazing and looked so incredible that I had to snap it before it melted in my hands.

If you want to know more about Somi Somi check out their Instagram here and their website here.

My second stop was a place called Cafe 86. Lucky for me, it was my birthday month so I kindly requested for extra Ube love for my birthday lunch. I had checked out Cafe 86’s Instagram before heading in and saw some real contenders for a birthday dessert – how is a girl to choose?! I ended up opting for Ube Leche Flan cupcakes. Check out these beauties, and I can assure you they were just as yummy as they were good lookin’.


Ube has become so popular that it isn’t just being used in soft serve and cupcakes. You can now find Ube flavored drinks, donuts, pies and more! It’s definitely worth a try! Don’t let the color intimidate you; the taste is fresh and subtle.

We wish you luck on your future Ube eating adventures!