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DIY Summer Bleached Denim Cutoffs

Looking to personalize your denim? Bleach your denim cutoffs in this super easy and fun tutorial! 

Denim is making a major comeback in fashion right now. As the athleisure trend slows down, denim is coming back in a huge way. Silhouettes, shapes, washes… each play an integral role in everyday style. This shift in denim has take over in Southern California. Everywhere we look, girls are rocking denim trends of all kinds: distressed hems, cropped flare legs, exposed fishnets underneath rips. You name it, denim’s doing it.

That being said, with the summer season right around the corner, we’re brainstorming our denim choices for those hot and sunny days. The beauty of all these denim trends? Absolutely anything goes. So we took some time to give one of our favorite pairs of shorts a makeover. Ladies, all you need is some bleach and a sink. Extra perks? This project cost us less than $10.


A pair of denim shorts. So the color can be stripped more easily, try to find a lighter wash. Grab a pair at your local thrift store (extra points if they’re a great pair of vintage Levi’s 501s), which should help to keep the cost down. We snagged this pair for only $2.99!

Bleach. A carton should cost you less than $5 at Target.

A sink with accessible water. Or, in our case, a bucket you can fill to the brim.


Find a sink that isn’t used very often and fill it up with water and bleach. If you don’t have a usable sink, use a bucket. You don’t need that much bleach to see results, so start out with a few cap fulls of bleach. Fill up the rest with water. Keep in mind that the longer you leave them in, the whiter your shorts will get. We wanted our shorts as light as possible, so we left them soaking for almost two full days. The weekend is the perfect time to experiment with a project like this.

Below are a few photos taken throughout the process; you can see how the color fades. If you want your cutoffs soaking for more than a day, pour out the water and start fresh after a full day. Make sure to stir the shorts in the water throughout the process, so that the fading happens evenly.

Rinse the shorts in cold water once your are satisfied with the color. Put them in the washing machine alone. Wash and dry as usual.

Check out the finished product below!

If any of you Blowfish Babes try this DIY, take photos and tag us on Instagram! We’d love to see how yours come out.

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