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Blowfish Malibu Spotlight: Leah Sullivan

Get to know Blowfish Malibu Marketing Assistant, Leah Sullivan!

Welcome to the Blowfish Malibu Spotlight, a new feature on the Journal! We’ll be spending some time each month talking with different members of our team and giving readers a little bit of insight into what each person does in the office every day.


Tell us about your position at Blowfish Malibu.

I am a Marketing Assistant here at Blowfish Malibu! Which means I assist social media & community building efforts and assist on a variety of projects in the Marketing Department.

When did you first become interested in marketing?

I don’t think I ever had an aha moment where I realized I loved marketing, but I have always loved visuals & story telling, and enjoyed the learning how to build a brand around telling a story when I was in college.

What did you do previously before joining the Blowfish Malibu team?

I started a swimwear company, Peachy Keen Swim, a few years back and still work on it now as my role at Blowfish Malibu is part time. Before working here I also spent a lot of my time freelancing and helping other brands build their TikTok marketing strategy, but I enjoy being able to work at an established company now and having continuity in my projects.

What creative projects have you been working on that you’re excited about? Can you tell us about them? 

I really enjoy learning about the 4Earth collection and the sustainability efforts going into this line. Learning about the partnerships with Oceana and Bloom and being able to dive into the science behind the collection has been really cool! I took a lot of environmental science classes in college and I’m happy that I’m able to.

What do you like most about working in the fashion industry?

The ability to make make major changes globally and individually. I love the ability to express yourself and build confidence through creating your personal style, but know that the fashion industry can be very detrimental to the environment. I’m excited to learn more about the ins and outs of the industry and try to create change that will allow us to celebrate our style in a way that works in harmony with nature.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

There’s a great culture! I’ve gotten to meet a lot of great people and go to fun events.

The Blowfish Malibu offices are in LA. What’s your favorite thing about the city?

I loooove living here. The combination of nature and nightlife is a perfect balance for me. I love being able to go on a hike in the morning and a concert at night. You can really find so many interesting people and activities in this city.

Which is your favorite pair of Blowfish Malibu shoes?

The Redsen boots! So cute and minimalistic. I don’t think it will ever go out of style.

If you weren’t a marketer, what would you be?

I have a lot of interests but can never pick just one! Some type of artist would be cool.


What was the last thing you were obsessed with?

Painting pottery!

Where are you from and how has that shaped you?

I grew up in New Jersey and was very motivated to move out to California. I definitely feel at home here but the older I get the more I appreciate New Jersey, and I especially love the farm my family lives near. It’s really peaceful and laidback.

What’s your dream travel destination?


When do you feel best about yourself?

When I’m having a meaningful conversation with a friend.

What’s your personal motto?

Be authentic or die trying!

What’s a fun fact about you most people don’t know?

I studied Mandarin in college, but I’m not very good. 我中文不太好!


I learn the most from meditation.
I can’t live without my friends.
You can find me shopping at the anthropology candle section.
My astrological sign is Aries sun, cancer rising, cap moon!
I’m not scared of public speaking.
The last book I read was The Women who Run with the Wolves.
Most people would say I’m fun.
I’m currently listening to Mac Miller.
My style mantra is don’t follow trends, express yourself through your own style.
I feel most comfortable in comfy pants with a fun print.
When I woke up today I felt like hitting the snooze button lol.
I feel the freest when I’m in the ocean.

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