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Behind the Scenes: Blowfish Malibu in Asia

Go behind the scenes with Blowfish Malibu as we travel to China!

Though all our shoes are designed in either Malibu, California or Europe, our super committed design team often travels to China. Our shoes are produced and manufactured in Asia and the team spends a lot of time sourcing materials, looking at prototypes and shoe constructions here. I was lucky enough to join the team on their last trip to work on some new products. Since I am on the marketing side of the brand (and not a designer) I was extremely fascinated. Generally, the team goes overseas to help build the line and merchandise, so I learned a ton! Moreover, being able to engage in Chinese culture was really captivating.

Scroll through to see a little snapshot of my recent time in China!

Here’s Marcy, one of our designers, and another member of our team hard at work. (If you look close enough, you might be able to see that she was designing something sweet for next season!)

This room is filled with rolls of materials used in both past and present designs! If you own Blowfish Malibu shoes, the fabric from which your shoes were made is probably in here. Pretty cool, right?

This is a box of shoe lasts. Shoe lasts are the solid form around which a shoe is molded. You often need these for every single size of a style and it is also specific to a shoe design. Lasts normally come in pairs and can be made of various materials. Generally, they follow — and should be close to — the shape of a foot.

Lunch is served! Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of different food options available in China. On this particular day we did, in fact, choose Sichuan food. However, the team was partial to Italian too, so there are food choices to please everyone.

When we’re not in the office, we get to venture around the city.

In most cases, I typically find the smallest things the most interesting. I love this snap of all the candy buckets at a local supermarket! Can anyone guess what these are?

This photo was taken just outside the office on the main street. Locals hang out or buy snacks at quick stops like this all over town.

Here’s another local shot. Note the signs, buildings and various colors… very different to my hometown!

Unwinding after a long day at the office in China normally includes beer and a game of Jenga. 

Lastly, I hope you found my behind the scenes fun. We love that you’re along for the ride!

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xx, Karen