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The Ultimate Under $50 Holiday Gift Guide

We offer up some under $50 Holiday gift guidance.

The season of gift giving is finally upon us! For the next seven weeks, crowds will be pouring into decorated shopping centers and intensely browsing websites to cross off the wish lists of friends and family members. It is the most wonderful time of the year, indeed! If you consider yourself a professional gift giver, the holidays are your jam. But if you are like me and have trouble finding those perfect gifts for your loved ones, (don’t fret!) I created a guide to help inspire you to form some ideas. And – get this – they are all under $50!

1. PopSocket

Get a grip! On your phone that is. Anyone else constantly dropping their phone? Enter PopSocket. These things are great for holding onto your phone (especially when taking selfies!) and for propping your phone or tablet up to be completely hands-free.

$9.99 from


2. Moroccan Rose Bathing Salts

Just reading the caption to this gift idea has me more relaxed. Grab this handcrafted item made of essential oils, Himalayan salts, and rose petals for the that special one in your life that could use a little R ‘n R.

$13.70 from


3. Red Velvet Sneaker Flat

No Blowfish Malibu holiday gift guide is complete without one of our favorite holiday shoe styles! This super cute plush and comfy holiday style is on sale(!) exclusively at Journeys.

$19.99 from


4. Magic Mitt by Jane Iredale

This makeup removing mitt is magic. I received the Magic Mitt as a gift one year and have not stopped using it since. Just add water to remove makeup without using any harsh soaps or chemicals. Literally, all you need is your hand and water to use this miracle gift.  Like I said… M A G I C.

$15 from


5. Perfect Gift Ring Box Set

For that lovely lady in your life, we bring you the perfect ring stacking kit! These three simple and elegant rings will go with any outfit, especially during this special time of year.

$28 from


6. Ice Ball

Lest we forget, ’tis the season for some holiday cocktails, friends! The ice ball is the best way to cool down your drinks, and look stylish while doing it!

$7.99 from


7. Perfect Little Black Ankle Booties

Have you ever been in the situation where you have the perfect outfit but you can’t find a shoe to compliment it? Ugh, me too! Enter (ta da) the perfect black boot to save the day. Shop this bootie for the gal in your life that needs a reliable shoe to pair with all of her cute holiday looks. Warning: you’ll probably want a pair for yourself, too.

$49.99 from


8. Callicrafty Marble Journal

How adorably chic is this journal? It comes in four fun colors – how on earth do we choose?!

$11.36 from


9. NEST Holiday Candle

This is another life-changing gift, believe it or not! It is the best smelling candle I have ever smelled, and it filled my entire apartment with a spicy holiday aroma. I will buy it every year, I promise you this.

$40 from


10. Pom Pom Earrings

Cute and fun to wear! These handmade pom-pom earrings will brighten up any outfit. The best part? They come in all your fav holiday colors too.

$19.99 from


11. Desk Foot Hammock

Ok we admit it – this gift may be a little extra, if you know what I mean. But if you know someone who really values comfort over everything, this may be the perfect gift for him or her.

$8.80 from


12. Kids Shoes

For the most adorable little lady in your life, we have some super cute new kid’s shoe arrivals! Ranging in prices here at

$19.97 – $49.99 from


13. Balloon Dog Nightlight

This may be for kids too, but I might grab a couple of these fun lights for friends!

$25 from


14. The Car Seat Key

It’s almost always a struggle to get your child out of the car seat, right moms? So we included this life-saver for moms on the go. Shark Tank certified, this special “key” is the perfect gift for any new parent, grandparent or babysitter looking for a new life hack.

$10.99 from


15. Velvet Things!

For the stylish teen in your life who is crushing on new trends and bold fashion, consider a casual velvet inspired item to wear with her new pair of Blowfish Sneakers like the style, Carter, sold at Journey’s.

All 3 items are from


16. On-the-go Cookware

We all have those friends or family members who are always on the go. So for your mom, grandparent, sister or friend who lives a fast life, inspire her to whip up yummy treats in (wait for it…) half the time!

$19.88 Sandwich Maker from
$49.99 cute Blowfish-Malibu-colored Pie Maker from
$33.65 Pizza Maker from


17. Fail-safe Cute Socks

For the special girl OR guy in your life, (we’re looking at you dads, husbands, sons, and significant others) how about a pair of Happy Socks to spread some holiday cheer? (They sell women’s and kids socks too!) Find them here!

See how @ilonashabovta paired them with style Kinder that can be bought at Amazon or various other boutiques and retailers.

$12 from


I hope these ideas get the gift-giving juices flowing and remember friends, if all else fails, a pair of Blowfish Malibu booties works just fine too. 😉 Happy shopping!

What’s on your wish list this year? We’d love to know!
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