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5 Healthy Ways to Beat a Winter Rut

In a rut? Need a lift? We’ve got you covered.

It is in these cold winter months that I seem less like myself than usual. If given the option, my legs would rather be in shorts than pants, my windows open not closed, and my belly full of fresh fruit rather than stew. I prefer to be outdoors, not bundled under blankets watching Netflix, and yes, I do wear socks with my slippers. Ok, so maybe I’m not so great at winter. I’m one of those people who needs the sun… the hot, hot sun. But alas, here I sit at my computer with the heater blasting hot air on my dry face, and my fourth cup of tea rests quietly on my desk. I am wearing fingerless gloves and a beanie, and I am thinking that maybe I’ll go to bed tonight at 7:30. Ugh, I’m in a rut.

This happens nearly every year and it’s about time I do something to change it. If you are anything like me (please tell me I’m not alone), you need a boost. Well friends, I am here to share my research and insights with you. It’s about time we pull ourselves out of these cold weather ruts! Check them out below.

Eat as fresh, local, and in-season as you can.

After the sugar rush of the holidays is over, our bodies are craving fresh food. Give your body what it is naturally craving: local, organic, seasonal nourishment. In-season winter foods include blood oranges, beets, pomegranates, kumquats, turnips, leeks, kale, cranberries, and lemons.

Give your skincare a mini makeover.

Cold, arid winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin. Most people say their skin is drier than normal during the winter so it is important to pay attention to your skincare. Try using a facial oil instead of a moisturizer, and cover your body in lotion as soon as you get out of the shower to trap in moisture. It is also important to exfoliate at least once a week to rid your skin of dead cells, giving more space for rejuvenation.

Do something that makes you feel good.

This is an instant pick-me-up and one of the most common things to do for an emotional life. Whether you love to shop, hang at the beach, or eat at your favorite restaurant, show yourself a little love. Go on, treat yourself.

Move your body.

Exercise of any kind lifts your mood and provides a burst of energy. Sure, there are physical reasons as to why you might want to work out, but the biggest asset is the emotional and mental high it gives you.

When in doubt, drink more water.

Winter months are some of the driest times because of the low temps and drop in humidity. Combat the feelings of sluggishness by drinking two liters of water a day. Being fully hydrated increases your energy levels, regulates your digestive track, clears your skin, and boosts your immune system.

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