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3 Halloween Foods Everyone Will Love

Three creative and easy recipes for a night of amusing Halloween fun!

We are prepping for our annual Halloween Potluck over here at Blowfish Malibu Headquarters, and we couldn’t be more excited! This is not just any ol’ potluck, no. Prizes will be given out for best costume, best potluck item, and of course, winners gain the right to brag about their victory. There is a lot at stake, people! We are a competitive bunch, so that means I have endured many late nights on Pinterest, hunting for just the right thing to whip up (and beat the competition!).

I cannot share what I chose to make quite yet (as I want to surprise the office and take home first prize), but I can share my three favorite Halloween recipes I have found thus far. These fun concoctions are super easy to make, and do not require you to buy a ton of fixings. In fact, these recipes require fewer than 10 ingredients! Check them out below! And be sure to follow us on Instagram (always) but especially on Halloween for potluck shenanigans, costumes, and all around fun at the Blowfish Malibu office! Maybe you’ll see me take home first prize!

Halloween Jalapeno Mummies

½ tsp. garlic
10 jalapeno peppers
1 scallion
Salt & pepper
1 Pillsbury crescent rolls
8oz cream cheese
8 oz. pepper jack cheese
1 candy eye ball

Find the full recipe here

Halloween Eyeball Pasta

1 lb spinach pasta
1 jar pasta red sauce
String cheese
1 can black olives

Find the full recipe by Spend With Pennies here.

Bat Bites

Miniature Reeses Cups
Thin Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies
Pre-made cream cheese frosting (or homemade)
Edible eyes

Find the full recipe by Chelsea’s Messy Apron here.

+What will you be making this Halloween? We would love to know!